Notice is hereby given that the Arena Town Board will meet on Monday, December 12, 2011 at 7:00pm at the Arena Town Hall.  The agenda will include the following.


1.                  Call to Order

2.                  Roll Call

3.                  Verification of proper public notice

4.                  Approval of minutes from previous meeting

5.                  Dennis Arneson - land division and rezone on Frame Road

      6.         David Moore & Mike Olson - fence issue

      7.         Review the insurance quote from Town & Country

      8.         Renew the building inspector contract

      9.         Motion to move to closed session - patrolmen wages

      10.       Motion to move to open session    

           11.        Public comment period

12.       Bills and Communications

13.      Adjournment




Dated:  November 7, 2011                                                  KayDee Maxwell

                                                                                                Arena Town Clerk