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The Town of Arena is located in northeastern Iowa County, Wisconsin. The township is bordered by the Wisconsin River on the north, Dane County on the east, the Town of Ridgeway to the south and Spring Green to the west.


ARENA FOOD PANTRY located at the Arena Village Hall

Clean Sweep Day

for Town of Arena Residents

Saturday, April 25, 2020: 8am-12pm

Arena Town Hall, 148 STH 14, Arena

The following items may be disposed of for a $15 fee:

    Refrigerators                         Washers

    Freezers                                Dryers

    Dehumidifiers                        Stoves

    Air conditioners                     Dishwashers

    Computer monitors               TVs

    Microwaves                           Hot Water Heaters

*Please remove the doors from refrigerators and freezers when dropping off the item.

*Appliances can be taken to the local salvage yards for free, except those with Freon.

One pickup truck load of the following items may be disposed of free of charge:

    Building materials




Additional pickup loads dumped cost $25 per load.

The following items will not be accepted on Clean Sweep Day:



    Chemical Containers

    Paint Containers

    Fluorescent light fixtures

No early dumping is allowed.  All dumping will be supervised.  Loads will be accepted at the discretion of the supervisors. Items need to fit in the loader bucket! The recycling and garbage center will be open during this time.

Saturday Recycling/Garbage Hours at Town of Arena Hall 8:30am-Noon


The open meeting law requires that all meetings of a governmental body be preceded by public notice. The presiding officer of a governmental body, or that persons designee (typically the clerk), must give proper notice of a meeting twenty-four hours in advance. If good cause exists and twenty-four-hour notice is impossible or impractical, shorter notice may be given but in no case may the notice be provided less than two hours in advance of the meeting.18 If the notice is mailed, it must be mailed early enough to allow it to arrive within the statutory time frame.19The notice must specify the date, time, place and subject matter of the meeting, and any contemplated closed sessions must be included.20 The notice must be in such form as is reasonably likely to apprise members of the public and the news media of the time, date, place and subject matter of the meeting. 18. Wis. Stat. sec. 19.84(3) 19. 77 Op. Atty Gen. 312 (1988). 20. Wis. Stat. sec. 19.84(2)

Town Board Meeting Schedule for 2020 : Arena Town Hall

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Plan Commission Meeting Schedule for 2019 : Arena Town Hall