March 7, 2011


PRESENT:  John Wright, Rod Anding, Wayne Schutte, Cheryl Schmidt, Terry Denruiter, Dave Lucey, KayDee Maxwell

OTHERS:  Mary & Dick Lockman, Nick & Danielle Heiser, Ingmar Nelson, Dan & Sarah Jackson


- Anding motioned to approve the minutes from the February 2, 2011 meeting. Schutte seconded, motion passed.


-Nick Heiser -   Can he come out into the crop land if the DNR does not allow him to put the sand pit in the wetland area where he would like. He has to do a study on the wetlands first to see if he can have it there.  If he used 10 acres that would last him 20 years. Schutte brought up the idea of planting trees for a screen if we were concerned about the sandpit being seen from the road. Can he build on it? If he has four acres of non-Ag. Wright would have a hard time putting it into mining if it is Ag. Schutte and Anding don't have a problem with him using the Ag land for the sandpit because it is not good Ag land. The sand will benefit farmers. This would probably help with flooding as well. The Town Board would probably go along with an Ag Business rezone of 10 acres. We prefer it as far back as he can go. There could be the possibility we would ask for a performance bond. Consensus that all of the planning commission members would go along with this.


- Dan & Sarah Jackson - House burnt approximately 5 years ago on 6192 Blue Ridge Road, 102 acres. They want to rebuild on the existing foundation. The driveway would have to be brought up to code. 5 years ago they were told that they did not have to fix the driveway. Lucey would want a safe driveway. They made some improvements before the house burnt, which costs around $30k. Would have to do that again to bring it up to code. We approved it 5 years ago in 2006 and we have not made any changes to the driveway standards since then. It sounds like they pretty much meet width and pull off standards. The board will look at the driveway.


- Anding motioned to adjourn. Murphy seconded, motion passed.