April 4, 2011


PRESENT:  John Wright, Wayne Schutte, Bob Murphy, Mark Hottman, Cheryl Schmidt, Terry Denruiter, Dave Lucey, KayDee Maxwell, Bill Gauger

OTHERS:  Mary & Dick Lockman, Ingmar Nelson, Dan & Sarah Jackson, Dennis Arneson, Tim Horner


- Schutte motioned to approve the minutes from the March 7, 2011 meeting. Murphy seconded, motion passed.


- Dennis Arneson - looking at purchasing 113 acres at the end of Frame Road. 80 acres are in Iowa County and 5 acres were taken out for the building site. There is 33 acres in Dane County. There is 1 more building site in Iowa County. He needs to check with Dane County. He owns 85 acres now with one building site. Combining his existing property he could have two more building sites besides the two that are there.


- Dan & Sarah Jackson - driveway approval? Dave Lucey talked with an attorney today, not ours. He said it could go either way and didn't give a clear answer. Towns can be more restrictive than state law when it comes to a safety issue. They have a six year window to rebuild according to the state. Blue Ridge Rd. has a steep grade too, states Dan. Dan has a long term plan of improving the driveway, maybe five years. Statue 60.61. Schutte moved to table the discussion until we talk to the attorney. Hottman seconded, motion passed. The special meeting fee will be waved.


- Tim Horner - Mary Haskins land, 160 acres and took out 1.9 acres in 1988. Left the parcel nonconforming Ag. Want it changed to residential. Has to be R1. There will be the farmland preservation rezoning fee.


- Schutte brought up, What is going on with Wally Rose? Does he have all of the building permits? The County has been to the site twice and all the structure is going to be is a garage.


- Hottman motioned to adjourn. Schutte seconded, motion passed.