Town of Arena

April 11, 2011


PRESENT: Bill Gauger, Dave Lucey, Terry Denruiter, KayDee Maxwell, Dick Lockman, Mary Lockman, Ingmar Nelson, David Meudt, Tracy Halverson, Minnie Gauger, John Wright, Wally Rose, Cheryl Schmidt, Rod Anding, George Urban, Dennis & Judy Halverson, Kent & Robyn Pusch


- The meeting was called to order at 7:42pm. Roll call was taken, all board members are present.


- Dan & Sarah Jackson - Gauger motioned to approve the building permit with contingency that they have a driveway turn around by buildings before occupancy permit. Also, taking there word that they will update their driveway. The driveway was existing when house burnt and doesn't think they need another permit. Denruiter seconded, motion passed. They owe the $1000 fee.


- George Urban, Midway Oil - Denruiter didn't think that we have to pay State fuel tax. Yes we do. We can get a rebate for off road use from the State, which we do. They used to take tax out of our bill and were not supposed to, so we owe them for tax for 2010 and 2011.


- Dennis Halverson - statement about Town tax situation this year. Has plans to possible sell the place. State has the solved the problem for 2011 taxes, but have not given a solution for 2010 yet according to Minnie. Denruiter said taxes will be down because formula will reflect it. It won't fix it till 2012. The board can give him and the buyer a letter stating the situation and what we know of now, but don't know the solution.


- Kent Pusch - tax questions as well. What are we going to do for the 39 parcels involved? What are the property taxes for 2010 so they can compare numbers? Kent has emails from Stan Hook from the State. Stan gave him the correct number for Barneveld, but not for Southwest Tech. Is there interest involved? No. It is illegal to lend money or offer money to any individual. At the State level they can. When it happened in Oregon the State loaned them the money interest free, but the whole city was affected then. Didn't think it would pass for 18 people affected. Can we get further documentation from the State? What is the recourse for the money or if the numbers are wrong? The error was not corrected right away because the tax bills were already run. So this tax year will his taxes be lower? Yes, the taxes will be lower b/c of the equalized value for the school. What about the extra money they paid? They money will be subtracted off the tax bill. At board of review if his taxes are wrong is there any recourse?


-Tracy Halverson - John Halverson marked the property line. They would put his half of the fence in for $1300 if attorneys are not involved. If they are involved then he will have to do it and stay off of Halverson's property. Lucey asked Tracy to call him. Have the fence started on other sides of the property. The board will look at it on Thursday morning at 7am. They will meet on the corner of Sweeny and HH.


- Road bids - Bindl Bauer gravel $8.50/yd, breaker $8.50/yd, Seal coat chips for sanding $9.35/yd. Scott Construction, single seal $14,434.00, double seal $26,419.00, Iowa County $14,393.60. Denruiter motioned to approve the bids from Bindl Bauer and Scotts.

- Need to culverts on Coon Rock. One on Roelke Rd. that's 55ft. long. Coon Rock and Knight Hollow have to be done. $18,000 for 4/10 of a mile for double coat.


- Gauger motioned to approve the bills as presented. Denruiter seconded, motion passed. Denruiter moved to approve the minutes of the March 14, 2011 meeting. Gauger seconded, motion passed.


- Board members, clerk and treasurer took oath of office.


- Gauger motioned to adjourn. Denruiter seconded, motion passed.