Town of Arena

May 9, 2011


PRESENT:  Bill Gauger, Dave Lucey, Terry Denruiter, KayDee Maxwell, Dick Lockman, Mary Lockman, Ingmar Nelson, Minnie Gauger, David Meudt, Tracy Halverson


The meeting was called to order by David Lucey at 7:12pm. Roll call was taken.


Denruiter motioned to approve the minutes from April 11 and April 12, 2011. Gauger seconded, motion passed.


Gauger motioned to approve the renewal of the planning commission terms for Wayne Schutte and John Wright for another three years. Denruiter seconded, motion passed.


Tracy Halverson - fencing her property. We will have to get bids for someone to fence the property. We will have to first send the adjacent property owner a certified letter. Gauger motioned to send Edward Giles a certified letter with his three options, 1. do it himself, 2. take a bid and have the fence completed (notify us within 10 days), 3. The township will do it and it will be put on his taxes. Denruiter seconded, motion passed.

She asked about adding more home sites at Bit-O-Green? She needs to take it to the planning committee.


Gauger motioned to approve the zoning to R1 for Tim Horner. Denruiter seconded, motion passed.


Discussion with the town patrolmen.


Public Comment - Ingmar Nelson wondered about being on the plan commission? Dave wouldn't be opposed to it. Terry thought about downsizing the commission.

Clean sweep starts at 8:00am on Saturday.


Gauger motioned to approve the bills as presented. Denruiter seconded, motion passed.


Can we get a weed eater? sure.


Gauger motioned to adjourn. Denruiter seconded, motion passed.