June 6, 2011


PRESENT:  Bill Gauger, Dave Lucey, KayDee Maxwell, John Wright, Bob Murphy, Rod Anding, Wayne Schutte, Mark Hottmann, Sheryl Schmidt, Mary Lockman, Dick Lockman, Betty Peterson, Ingmar Nelson, Jay Reeve, Guy Spurley, John Halverson, Mike Olson


Anding motioned to approve the minutes from the May 2, 2011 meeting. Schutte seconded, motion passed.


Jay Reeve - driveway permit on Robert's Road, approximately 350 long. 7.57 acre building site. Plans on building as soon as he can sell his house in town. He can put the driveway in, but won't get an occupancy permit till the house is completed and the driveway is checked.


Guy & Lydia Spurley - building permit, new house in front of old house. The existing house will be tore down once the new one is built. Iowa County needs to know that the driveway length.  Schmidt motioned to approve the building permit. The old house needs to be removed within six months of occupancy of the new house. Anding seconded, motion passed. $1000 fee was paid.


Betty Peterson - would like the neighbor, David Moore, to get his portion of the fence up. Dave Lucey said Betty needs to talk with David directly. If the animals get out do they have to be concerned with anything? They would be responsible if they did get out. Anding said David Moore is responsible for the fence, period. Betty needs to send a letter and then the Town Board tells David Moore he has to fence the property if he does not.


Murphy nominated John Wright as Chairman for the Plan Commission. Schutte seconded, motion passed. Schmidt nominated Rod Anding as vice chairman. Schutte seconded, motion passed.


Culvert on Coon Rock needs a DNR permit approval before it can be completed.


Schutte motioned to adjourn. Murphy seconded, motion passed.