July 5, 2011


PRESENT:  Bill Gauger, Dave Lucey, Terry Denruiter, John Wright, Bob Murphy, Rod Anding, Wayne Schutte, Sheryl Schmidt, Minnie Gauger, Mary Lockman, Dick Lockman,  Ingmar Nelson


Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by John Wright.


Anding motioned to approve the minutes from the June 6, 2011 meeting. Schutte seconded, motion passed.


David Moore said he was ready to complete the fencing on his property. Betty Carson's fence is already done.


Traci Halverson - wants to add 5 new sites to Bit-O-Green. Plan is to sell and remove 40x70 shed on the property and that area will be used to put the 5 new sites. She currently has 20 sites on 13 acres. County approves 6 sites per acre. Each site is 110x120 approximately. Traci realizes something will need to be don to the septic. Wayne Schutte motioned to add the 5 sites contingent on the county's approval. Rod Anding seconded.


Gauger Salvage wants to add new auto parts to their conditional use list. The other conditional uses were talked about because Bill Gauger wants to make some changes to them. The board will table the discussion till next month.


Schutte motioned to adjourn. Schmidt seconded, motion passed.