Town of Arena

September 12, 2011


PRESENT:  Bill Gauger, Dave Lucey, Terry Denruiter, KayDee Maxwell, Dick Lockman, Mary Lockman, Minnie Gauger, David Meudt, Ingmar Nelson, David Sears


The meeting was called to order by David Lucey at 7:00pm. Roll call was taken.


Gauger motioned to approve the minutes from August 8, 2011. Denruiter seconded, motion passed.


David Sears - Gauger motioned to approve the zoning changes. Acres from Ag to AR1 are .75, Acres from AR1 to Ag are .5. Adding .28 to the lot itself, to AR1. Denruiter seconded, motion passed.


Salt is $59.50 per ton for a total of $11,900 for 175 tons from the county. They were the cheapest. We ordered more signs again for the missing ones. Mow the roadsides back.


Returned check issue, we have not heard anything on. We have sent one certified letter, but have not had any response. The bank did not charge us for the returned check fee. Gauger motioned to table this for a month. Denruiter seconded, motion passed.


Denruiter motioned to pay the Humane Society $525 for the year 2012. Gauger seconded, motion passed.


Harrington's are going to haul shale out of Betty Peterson's; they applied for a temporary mining permit. They are going to move 8yd at a time so the roads don't get damaged.

Road signs keep getting stolen. Should we offer a reward for these or for the arrest of someone? Gauger motioned to put a $500 reward in the paper for any information leading to a conviction on the missing town signs. If someone returns them within the next month no questions will be asked. Denruiter seconded, motion passed. Papers to put in: Black Earth/Mazomanie, Dodgeville, Home News.


Denruiter motioned to approve the bills as presented from 8/1/11 to 8/31/11. Gauger seconded, motion passed.


Gauger motioned to adjourn. Denruiter seconded, motion passed.