October 3, 2011


PRESENT:  Bill Gauger, Dave Lucey, Terry Denruiter, John Wright, Bob Murphy, Mary Lockman, Dick Lockman, KayDee Maxwell, Jack White, Luke White, Jeff Brown


Meeting was called to order at 7:09 pm by John Wright.


Wright motioned to have Mary Lockman be a stand in member for the Plan Commission meeting this evening to make a quarum. Hottmann seconded.


Murphy motioned to approve the minutes from September 6, 2011 meetings. Wright seconded, motion passed.


Jack White - Luke White is replacing a trailer house with a modular home with a basement in the Meise subdivision. A new sewer is going in. The home is 1680 sq. ft. with an attached garage. The trailer will be out of there. It is zoned R1 residential.  The lot is 134 x 167. Use the existing driveway. Hottmann motioned to remove the trailer house and replace it with a modular home. Murphy seconded, motion passed. The $1000 fee was paid.


Jeff Brown - 6155 Blue Ridge Road. Build a new home along the existing driveway. Wants to keep the old house as a shop/shed and not a residence. Home will be 1200 - 1300 sq. ft. on 40 acres. Is in the progess of getting a sanitary permit. The zoning can stay the same. The old house would be discontected from the septic. The well would be unhooked as well. There should be a letter in the file that states the old house can not be used as a residence. There will be a basement. The driveway would be existing. The house will be 20 - 30 feet off of the existing driveway. The county was saying he would have a conditional use permit to builid a second house. Murphy motioned to approve a building permit. The existing house will not be used as a residence 6 months after the UBC permit is issued. The existing house will then be an outbuilding. Hottmann seconded, motion passed.


David Sears rezone was approved by the county.


Farm land preservation is still in effect.


Hottmann motioned to adjourn. Lockman seconded, motion passed.