Town of Arena

January 09, 2012



PRESENT:  Dave Lucey, Terry Denruiter, KayDee Maxwell, Minnie Gauger, Dick Lockman, David Meudt, Mike Olson, Vern & Evy Halverson, Ingmar Nelson, David Moore



- The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.  Roll call was taken, Gauger was not present. Lucey moved to approve the minutes of the December 12, 2010 meeting. Denruiter seconded, motion passed.


- Denruiter motioned to approve the minutes from the December 12, 2011 meeting. Lucey seconded, motion passed.


- Town Patrolmen - Dave Meudt's truck is fixed. Tires are here for the grader. Dick is going to try to put them on. Dick is working on cutting trees starting with Coon Rock.


- Denruiter motioned to appoint election workers for the 2012-2014 cycle. Lucey seconded, motioned passed.


- Denruiter motioned to approve the bills as presented. Lucey seconded, motion approved.


- Discussion with Mike Olson and David Moore about their fence


-  Denruiter motioned to adjourn. Lucey seconded, motion passed.