APRIL 10, 2012


PRESENT:  Dave Lucey, Bill Gauger, Minnie Gauger, Suzi Schmidt

ABSENT:  Terry Denruiter, KayDee Maxwell

OTHERS:  John Wright, Dave Meudt, Richard Lockman, Mary Lockman, Ingmar Nelson, Steve Harrington, Richard Roelke


Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by Dave Lucey.  


2011 Fence Issues

-The new purposed fence ordinance was discussed, which follows under state ordinance  93.07

-Dave reported in 2011 four separate issues that the town board had to get involved with fence issues

-93.07 ordinance only applies to the building of the fence, not the maintenance of the fence

-Town Board members would like to purpose a $1000 fence viewing charge is supervisors must get involved

-Board members will make it as fair as possible for both parties and fees would be applied to tax bill

-Protocol will be developed and discussed at future meetings


Fire Department and Ambulance

-Fall of 2011 a new fire truck was purchased; $140,000 from the township, $60,000 from the village and $106,000 from the fire board

-20 current members on the fire department

-12 EMTís, 1 driver on the ambulance crew

volunteers are needed

-The fire station was repaired; there was a poor seal around the windows, the leaks were repaired, new carpet was installed in meeting rooms

-New digital radios purchased and installed in fire trucks

-Bill Gauger reports equipment is in good condition


Review of Annual Report 2011

-$114,000 for road work, patching roads, culverts and signs

-4.5 to 5 miles of road work was completed in 2011

-Wally Rose was subcontracted for $50 / hour to assist with road repairs

-DNR Tax Payment for $1,662.35 was questioned, Dave will report back after further review.  

-Steve Harrington motioned to approve 2011 Annual Report, John Wright seconded; motion carried.





Clean Sweep

-2012 Clean Sweep is scheduled for Saturday, May 12 8-12

-In 2011, 107 people came for Clean Sweep

-Board Members agreed 2011 was more organized than previous years

-Tim Meudt (Dave Meudtís son) helped last year and will be available this year


Road Work 2011

-Double Sealed 2 areas of Knight Hollow Road

-Single Sealed portions of:  Golf Course, Reeve, Rieman, Haywood and Zwettler Roads

-Culverts were replaced on Coon Rock, Turnell and Roelke Roads

-Multiple areas were patched


Road Work 2012

-It was discussed that several roads need some work, estimated 4-5 miles of seal coating is needed.  The roads discussed were:  Blue Ridge, Dover, High Point, and Bennett Roads

-Scottís Construction gave bids, charging $15,900 - $16,000 per mile



Planning Commission

-Rod Anding will stay another term

-Other Members will continue their term, Bob Murphy has expressed interest in retiring from this committee


Patrolmen/Town Clerk

-Richard Lockman has announced his plans for retirement, but no definite date has been determined

-KayDee Maxwell will be leaving in August, Suzi Schmidt has been training with KayDee to take over Town Clerk position


Building and Equipment

-Patrolmen will be doing some painting and repairs on the buildings

-Equipment is in good repair, thanks to the mild winter


Steve Harrington motioned to adjourn the meeting, Richard Roelke seconded.  Meeting adjourned by Dave Lucey at 8:20pm