Town of Arena

May 14, 2012


PRESENT:  Dave Lucey, Terry Denruiter, Bill Gauger, KayDee Maxwell, David Meudt, Minnie Gauger, Suzi Schmidt, Ingmar Nelson


- The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm.  Roll call was taken. All board members are present.


- Gauger motioned to approve the minutes from the April 9, 2012 meeting. Denruiter seconded, motion passed.


- Lucey motioned to approve the bid from Scott Construction for $15,792 for pea gravel and hot mix for 1 mile of road, single seal. Gauger seconded, motion passed. Bid was about $1100 less than Fahrener's bid was. Call Scott's and get a certificate of liability insurance.


- Fred and Julie Marti - rezone to A1 and land division of 5 acres with the "old" house. Only have a 20' easement. They need a maintenance driveway agreement still. Denruiter motioned to approve the land division and rezone, contingent on getting the maintenance agreement and pending on the easement at the county level. Gauger seconded, motion passed.


- Gloria West - bike event that will run through the township. Discussed the event.


- Operators Licenses - should we increase the fees? Gauger motioned to increase the fee from $5 to $25 and the license is good for two years instead of one. Denruiter seconded, motion passed. This will be effective Jan. 1, 2013.


- June meeting date? Wednesday, June 6, 2012.


- Public comment - Gauger motioned to pay Tim Meudt $50 for helping on clean sweep day. Denruiter seconded, motion passed.


- Clean sweep day regulations- we need to set a size on items. Loads will be at the discretion of the township. Items need to fit in the loader bucket. People are dumping garbage in the town dumpster on non garbage days and not paying. If we see them doing this do we call the cops? Yes.


- Gauger motioned to approve the bills as presented. Denruiter seconded, motion passed.


- Patrolmen - Gravel on Bennett Rd., Missing road signs still.


- Denruiter motioned to adjourn. Gauger seconded, motion passed.