Arena Township Long Range Planning Committee Minutes

August 6, 2012


Present: David Lucey (took roll call), Bill Gauger, Rod Anding, Cheryl Schmidt, Wayne Schutte, Terry Denruiter, Bob Murphy, John Wright, Mark Hottmann.

Others Present: Ingmar Nelson, Vern & Evy Halverson, Rand Schott, Ryan & Kate Doescher, Gary & Mrs. Damascke, Bruce and Diana Ponx, Connie Perry, 2 Aeschlimans, Jim and Sally Meyer.


Minutes from the previous meeting.  Anding motion to approve minutes from the July 2, 2012 meeting. Schutte seconded, motion passed.


1. Herb Spices & More-no attendance. Liquor license, Town is short 7 residents for another liquor license to be available. Some discussion on the fees of licenses. They are not eligible.


2. There was a report that someone was living in a mobile home attached to the garage of June and Kevin Ziebarth, Wittwer Road. Bill had checked it out, no one lives in it. Schutte concerns that we gave a building permit with condition that mobile home is taken out of there. We will check the minutes on the matter. Discussion of future issues.


3. Ryan & Kate Doescher, Hwy K, want to split their parcel so that Kate’s parents, Gary Damascke can build a house and be close. There is no building site and the proposed building site is a field, not enough woods.


4. Vern & Evy Halverson-Sweeney Road (147 acres). Lot 1 (22 acres-current house is on) be rezoned from A1 to AR-1. Lot 2 (13 acs)is currently zoned AR-1 but want to add 3 acres on to it(then 16 acres). Discussion on the amount of land divisions and rezones. Motion by Schutte to rezone Lot 1 from A-1 to AR-1. Anding 2nd. Passed. Discussion on land division. Anding motion to rescind last motion, Hottmann 2nd. Passed. Anding motioned to rezone Lot 1's 22 acres to AR-1. Hottmann 2nd. Passed. Schutte motioned a land division of 3 acres from Lot 1 added to Lot 2. Lot 2 has one building site. Anding 2nd. Passed.


5. Bruce and Diana Ponx intend to purchase Vern & Evy’s Lot 1, make it into bed and breakfast, adding on to the house. Lender issues to do the add-on involving the zoning. May board a few horses. Discussion on county’s recommending RB1 zoning; Town of Arena recommends B-2 zoning.


6. Connie Perry-Hwy K, her mother’s farm, Margaret Erickson, 108 acres. Wants to move the driveway to other side of buildings, going to divide the property into 3 parcels, the original buildings with 5 acres and two others, some to brother who lives next door. Suggestion that building sites be put on any deeds that may be drafted and a driveway maintenance agreement. Motion by Hottmann to abandon the old driveway and approve the moving of driveway. Schmidt 2nd. Passed. A few committee members will be going to view on Thursday, 8/9 with one of the

Aeschlimans who will be putting in the driveway.


This is Bob Murphy's last meeting. Thanks for his service.

Schutte motioned to adjourn. Murphy seconded, motion passed.