Arena Township Long Range Planning Committee Minutes

October 1, 2012


Present: David Lucey, Bill Gauger, Cheryl Schmidt, Wayne Schutte, Rand Schott, John Wright, Rod Anding

Others Present: Bart & Taylor Richter, Ingmar Nelson, Dan Viste, Carl Peterson, Pam


Schutte motion to approve minutes from the September 4, 2012 meeting. Schmidt seconded, motion passed.


- Dan Viste representing Bobbi & Joy Hines - Want to redo the existing barn and add a restaurant and toilet facilities to have weddings on the property. Barn addition would come right to the 33' road right-of-way. Setback is farther though. Rod Anding suggested closing Linley Rd. means there is not a lot of room. Would have to add a well. Anding would want a written okay from the neighbors that they are okay with the project. Schutte would like to go look at the site. 10 acres looking to rezone from A1 to RB1 zoning. Lodging would be in two houses. Would like to do the rezoning and kitchen addition now. The parking lot would be around 200' long by 20' on the alfalfa field side. Anding motioned to rezone 10 acres from A1 to RB1; conditional use for a kitchen addition to the barn, to have weddings, and lodging in the existing two houses. Wants an okay from the neighbors. They are not permitted to add on to the South side of the barn at this time. Ag land use for the parking lot will be minimal, 200' x 20' off of the driveway to the horse barn. Schmidt seconded, motion passed.  


- Taylor & Bart Richter - Own 1.69 acres and lease 20 acres. 6069 Helena Road. Conditional use for up to five horses on the property. They have plans for the waste. Zoning is B3. Would want a letter from the neighbors again. Schutte motioned to allow a conditional use for up to 5 horses on the 1.69 acres along with the 20 acres leased. Schotte seconded, motion passed. $250 conditional use fee.


- Carl Peterson - 6317 CTH HH, Barneveld. Driveway permit for agricultural field access. Driveway length 550 feet. Iowa County told Carl to meet with the township, however it is an Ag road so he doesn't need our approval.


- Pam Kruschke for Marsha Allen - 7 acres behind Peck's Farm Market. Rezoned from A1 to AR1. Were made separate lots in 2003, this did not give him more building sites though. There are 3 separate parcels now, 7 acres, 5.34 acres, and 2.34 acres, where does the building site go? They have to decide that and give it to use in writing.


- David Moore - widen driveway from Giffeys to His place to 16'. From his driveway on it can be 12'. The plan commission wants to go look at the road. The plan commission wants to table this because David Moore is not present. Wright motioned to table it till we have a representative. Anding seconded, motion passed. We need to contact David Moore that he needs to come into compliance with his driveway and present his application at a meeting or have a representative at the meeting.


- David Moore is staking a building on his property. The County has to take care of this. The building is in the easement.


- We have a vacancy on the Town Board, Terry Denruiter resigned. David Lucey suggested John Wright fill in.


- Anding motioned to adjourn. Schutte seconded, motion passed