Arena Township Long Range Planning Committee Minutes

December 3, 2012


Present: David Lucey, Bill Gauger, Cheryl Schmidt, Wayne Schutte, Rand Schott, John Wright, Rod Anding, Mark Hottmann, KayDee Maxwell

Others Present: Ann Nelson, Dean & Jan Swenson, Paul Swenson, Cathy Acker, Connie Perry, Leslie Vance, David Giffey, Wally Rose, Ingmar Nelson, Gerald Dorscheid, Tamar Kusmin, David Elderbrock, Bonita Sitter, E. Erickson


Anding motion to approve minutes from the November 5, 2012 meeting. Hottmann seconded, motion passed.  John Wright will abstain from voting tonight.


- Connie Perry:  108 acres split.  A: 23 ac (17.5 in township); B: 80 acres; C: 5 acres with house and barn.  Application is filled out.  Prelim survey done. Relocated driveway. Easement is for 3 parties.


Schutte motioned to approve a Land Division:  Parcel A is 23 acres, B is  80 acres and C is 5 acres. Anding seconded, motion passed. One building site gone and one left on each A and B. Schutte motioned to approve Rezoning parcel C (6 acres) from Ag to AR1.  Hottman seconded, motion carried.


-Wally Rose owns easement property on Fitts Rd.  Dead end road across his property.d  Property legally rented from Wally and is a town  road.  Road is to be altered for safety reasons.  Wants something in writing that says that he can still get special permission for driveway if grade would be over 10%.  Potentially could be three driveways. Wally wants a motion that the town board would provide a special provision that the town is obligated to waive ordinary driveway standards. Anding motioned to table discussion. Schutte seconded, motion passed.


-Ann Nelson wants to build a 65 x 160 multiuse building in cluster. Carol Nelson owns property, they are renting.  Need more storage and horse building. Disputing whether need to re-zone. They will talk with Scott Godfrey and then come back to us if necessary. We are still vague about the reason to re-zone.  Hottman motioned to table until further review. Schott seconded, Motioned passed.


-David Giffey on moratorium for open pit mining.  Impacts roads due to heavy use, water table with our drought conditions and other concerns.  Wants a moratorium for time to look at other remedies.  Schutte motioned to adopt a moratorium to give us an adequate amount of time to further review impacts.  Schott seconded, motion passed


Next Meeting January 28th, 2013.


Hottmann motioned to adjourn. Anding seconded, motion passed.