January 28, 2013


PRESENT:  John Wright, Wayne Schutte, Cheryl Schmidt, Dave Lucey, Cathy Acker, Mark Hottmann, Rand Schott

OTHERS:  Ingmar Nelson, Bob Murphy, Roger Sawle, Dave Giffey, Janice Sawle, Monica Reeves, Mike Leslie


Schutte motioned to approve minutes from the December 3, 2012 meeting. Schmidt seconded, motion passed.  John Wright will abstain from voting tonight.


Roger Sawle - two  parcels, building site on 7 acre site. Originally 10 acre building site, 2 acre building site.   2003 a survey was done with a 7 acre and a 5 acre site.  Which means the original 5 acre site, with building on it.  7 acre site does not have a building site.  Zoning on 7 acres Agriculture. Should be changed to AR1.  Because neither site is conforming. 1974 shows land division for 2 acres with building site, and 10 acres building site.  Do we have two parcels of record 5 and 7 acres?  Do we have two building sites? Paper work says 1974 there are two building sites. 


Schott motioned that there is an approved building site for the 7 acre parcel and a building site for the 5 acre parcel that has been used.  Seconded by Schutte. Motion passed. 


Mike Leslie – property on Sweeney and Knight Hollow Road. Parcel 682 and 764.8.  55 acres. Would like to do a certified survey and combining the two parcels and splitting down the middle for access for both on Sweeney Rd.  764.8 zoned AR1; 682 zoned A1.  Would like to reconfigure them and maintain the two building sites, but have a CSM with that configuration.  Recently, last summer (2012) bought 11 acres, is there a building site with it? We need proof that there is a building site.  A title history. Who owned in 1985 and how many acres.


Non-metallic Mining Moratorium: Goals: Can we stop non-metallic mining or control it.  What would a moratorium do to the comprehensive plan.  Can we still enforce plan with moratorium in place.  Can we justify defending this on our own.  County is going to talk about it, but time frame not soon.    If we included moratorium as part of comprehensive plan would it be a legitimate way.  Act 144  to limit or create a moratorium.  Purpose of the moratorium is to study the issue, with logical means of dealing with applicants.  Then, an ordinance for enforcement.  Doesn’t eliminate mining, just makes clear what an applicant is responsible for.   2013-1 is designed to amend the comprehensive plan.  Should make a motion after discussion on time for a comprehensive study.  Town hires engineer at the expense of the applicant for a development ordinance. 


A copy of a predevelopment ordinance to be emailed to all Board Members.


Hottmann motioned to adjourn.  Schutte seconded.  Motion passed.


Next  meeting Feb 25, 2013