April 29, 2013


PRESENT:  John Wright, Wayne Schutte, Dave Lucey, Cathy Acker, Mark Hottmann, Rand Schott, Rod Anding, Bill Gauger

OTHERS:  Tracy Jones,  Donald and Rosemary Doescher, Douglas Steege, Gene Wilkinson, Jerry Tremelling, Ingmar Nelson.


Roll Call taken.  Schmidt absent.


Schutte motioned to approve minutes from the March 25, 2013 meeting. Hottmann seconded, motion passed.  John Wright will abstain from voting tonight.


Nomination and election for Mark Hottmann to be the chairperson.  Approved. 


Nomination and election for Rod Anding to be vice chairperson.  Approved.


A member to replace John Wright needs to be found.  No one at this time. 


Thank you to John Wright for being the chairperson for so many years. 


-Gene Wilkinson: 27 acres owned and would like to change zoning now zoned as A1 and would like to build a garage and shed.  Might purchase another 5 acres and is wondering if that was purchased can he leave it zoned as it is now.  Should he wait until it is one package.  Commission believes he should wait until he purchases the 5 acres and do the zoning as one package. 


-Tracy Jones:  Neighbor to Randy Graves Auto Body shop on Hwy 14.  Currently under 1 acre, and zoned AG and Graves is zoned  B3.  Jones wants to true up his lot line.  In 2006 approved a variance in Iowa County and did the same thing to the east.  It wouldn’t change any of Graves’s zoning, but Jones would have to change his to AR1.  Commission sees no problem with this. Anding motions to rezone from A1 to AR1 and have the B3 part changed to AR1.   Need a Quit Claim for tax purposes.  Schutte seconded.  Motion carried. 


-Don Doescher:  Steege (West Dane Conservancy LLC) wants to purchase 33.8 acres of property from Doescher.  Steege owns 133 acres, wants to purchase Doescher property east of Blue Mounds Creek.  Doesn’t need easement, he has access off of Reeve Road.  Doescher wants to keep the building site rights.  Steege is turning 33.8 acres into conservancy and isn’t interested in a building site.  No need for further Plan Commission action as long as the offer to purchase and deed is recorded with keeping the building rights with Doescher.


-Jerry Tremelling: Voice concerns about Roberts Road in bad shape.  Lots of vehicles are going up and down that road. Last Saturday or Sunday there was a car rally and cars going up and down it for hours. The condition of the road is breaking up, blind corners, sides of road are torn up. 


Giffey wants a fence viewing; David Moore owns easement, goes through David Giffey’s land.  Can it be fenced in order to run cattle.  Can you run cattle on an easement? Do we need a lawyer’s opinion.  State of Wisconsin states that our responsibility in this is?   Can he run a fence on an easement boundary that will impede on the right of way to others.  Do we have legal authority to do a fence viewing? Is it our responsibility to determine a fence? 


Anding recommends Ingmar Nelson for Plan Commission member. Schott seconded.  Motion carried.


Meeting next month is Memorial Day and will meet as scheduled.


Schutte motioned to adjourn and Anding seconded.  Motion approved.


Next Meeting May 27, 2013