Town of Arena Board Minutes

May 6, 2013


PRESENT:Dave Lucey, John Wright, Bill Gauger, Minnie Gauger, Cathy Acker, David Meudt, Kevin Paar, Sue Mellum, Tracy Jones, Don Doescher, Ingmar Nelson, Bob Murphy, Steve Harrington, Tim Harrington, Jerry Tremelling.


- The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.Roll call was taken. All board members are present. -Wright moved to approve minutes of April 1, 2013, Gauger seconded.Motion carried.


-Sue Mellum:Letter of Recommendation.Iowa County Humane Officer came to visit.Iowa County wants recommendation.Will not board any animals except her own. Sales will be in her Madison business. Up to 10 breeding dogs.Barking collars on the dogs.Gauger would like to recommend approval of a Conditional Use Permit ($250).Wright seconded.Motion carried.


-Tracy Jones:Neighbor to Randy Graves Auto Body shop on Hwy 14.Currently under 1 acre, and zoned AG and Graves is zonedB3.Jones wants to true up his lot line.In 2006 approved a variance in Iowa County and did the same thing to the east.It wouldnít change any of Gravesís zoning, but Jones would have to change his to AR1.Plan Commission sees no problem with this. Plan Commission motioned to rezone from A1 to AR1 and have the B3 part changed to AR1.†† Need a Quit Claim for tax purposes.Gauger motioned the re-zone, Wright seconded.Motion carried.


Don Doescher:Steege (West Dane Conservancy LLC) wants to purchase 33.8 acres of property from Doescher.Steege owns 133 acres, wants to purchase Doescher property east of Blue Mounds Creek.Doesnít need easement, he has access off of Reeve Road.Doescher wants to keep the building site rights.Steege is turning 33.8 acres into conservancy and isnít interested in a building site.No need for further Plan Commission action as long as the offer to purchase and deed is recorded with keeping the building rights with Doescher.

According to Iowa County needs to re-zone to conservancy.Wrightmoved to approve land division and re-zoning 33.8 acres to conservancy contingent upon the sale of the property.Doescher will retain one building site on his remaining property.Gauger seconded.Motion carried.


-Ingmar Nelson:Plan Commission Supervisor.Wright motions to approve Ingmar Nelson effective immediately Gauger seconded.Motion carried.


-Kevin Paar, David Meudt:Road work Estimates.Culvert replacements(4) for $2,500.($ Typo in original minutes) Looking at Roberts, Knight Hollow, Pinnacle, Coon Rock Ct.$100,000.Also, Roberts Road should be a priority, bottom half about 1 mile should be done.Board would like to have the guys tear it up and get a base on it.Notice will be sent to residents of Roberts Road.Meudt says we need tractor tires on rear. Lucey said that they should replace them.Bob Murphy will get us some TRIP forms.


-Steve and Tim Harrington:Rental property from Bob Murphy.The landowner of the driveway prefers theynot use driveway.North side of Skaggs driveway.Murphy says they have Adverse possession, use of driveway for over 20 years therefore the owner can not stop the use of the driveway.If they make a field road on the property, should they peel some back and put gravel on it.Board does not object.


-To serve alcoholic beverages without Servers License.Gauger motioned to send Bobs BBQ Emporium a letter letting him know that it has come to our attention that there is no serverís license for the premises. Wright seconded.Motion carried.


-Business zoning in township.There appear to be many businesses in the township that are not zoned as a business.Gauger feels the Plan Commission should discuss this. Lucey felt that if people have employees maybe we should start talking to them.Gauger feels that if they have a business they should be zoned as a business.†††



-Clean Sweep took in $505 on recyclables; metals $528.85. We might break even this year.


-Road Postings:More communication between Board members and patrolmen.We need to have a specific date for posting.


-Gauger approves the bills as stated.Wright seconded.Approved.


-Oath of Office was given to Chairman Dave Lucey, Supervisors John Wright and Bill Gauger, Treasurer Minnie Gauger, Clerk Cathy Acker.


Gauger motions to adjourn.Wright seconded.Motion passed.


Next Town Board Meeting June 3, 2013.