May 27, 2013


PRESENT:John Wright, Dave Lucey, Cathy Acker, Mark Hottmann, Rand Schott, Rod Anding, Bill Gauger, Ingmar Nelson

OTHERS:Peter Chlebeck, Jim Corcoran


Meeting Roll Call taken.Schmidt and Schutte not present.


Anding motioned to approve minutes from the April 29, 2013 meeting. Schott seconded, motion passed.


Chlebeck:Wants to re-zone from R1(5 acres) to AR-1 to keep a small quantity of livestock.Has talked with all the residents around his property.AR-1 zoned for one cow, would like to have three.Fence all five acres.Anding motions with written documentation from adjoining neighbors to re-zone from R1 to AR-1 with 2 animal units, Nelson seconded.Motion carried.


Corcoran:Building permit to build a home.7878 7876 Fitz Road, septic, water, electrical set to go.Building above the old farm house.600 acres.Nelson moves to approve the requested building permit, Schott seconded.Motion carried.


Business zoning discussion:Businessís that are not properly zoned.What is our definition of a business?One owner and one non-family member non-industrial type business.A definition of what business needs to be re-zoned.Anding is for cottage craft industry in the township.One to two family members only.There is a grey area that needs to be addressed.Would consider revising the comprehensive plan that if you add employees you are then considered a business and would need to re-zone.The wording in the comprehensive plan is not going to be changed at this time.


Would like to be notified of building permits only obtained from Iowa County.


Nelson moves to adjourn and Schott seconded.Motion carried.


Next meeting June 24.