July 29, 2013


PRESENT: John Wright, Dave Lucey, Cathy Acker, Bill Gauger, Ingmar Nelson, Wayne Schutte, Mark Hottmann, Cheryl Schmidt.

OTHERS: Vern and Evy Halverson, Gene and Diane Wilkinson, Ken Regenauer, Randy Hartung,


- The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm . Meeting Roll Call taken. Schott and Anding not present.


- Schutte motioned to approve minutes from the June 24 2013 meeting. Nelson seconded, motion passed.


-Vern and Evy Halverson-re-zoning a lot and getting rid of the lot line on the west end. Land division and re-zoning to AR1. There are two lots and they are going to make it one. Needs a conditional use permit for the county to get rid of the lot line according to Scott Godfrey. Schutte motioned to approve the land division as shown on the CSM and to rezone to AR1. Schmidt seconded. Motion carried. Paid $500.

Schutte motioned to approve a conditional-use to remove a lot line pending clarification from the county. Nelson seconded. Motion carried. Paid $250 with clarification from the county. otherwise the check will be returned to the Halversons.

-Gene Wilkinson 5 acres AR1, Re-zone the 27.130 acres parcel from A1 to AR1. T8N R4E Section 28, NE1/4 of the NW1/4. Michele Radlinger (owner of the 5 acres) requests a land division of 5 acres. Paid $250 for land division.

Schmidt requests a motion for the land division of 5 acres. Schutte seconded. Motion carried.

Nelson motioned to re-zone property 27.130 acres to AR1. Removing conditional-use for dog kennels to be consistent with the county. Schutte seconded. Motion carried. Paid $250 for re-zone.

-Ken Regenauer discussing building sites, and horses on property. He only has one building site. With 40 acres there is no limit on horses.

-Randy Hartung: Building shed proposal and grass driveway on property he owns. 48 x 76 pole building. Total of 45 acres. No permit needed from the town.

-No discussion on Field Road specifications.

-Fire Inspections in Commercial properties. Village passed an ordinance that the fire inspector can issue a citation to get something requested to be fixed in allotted time period. County/Village get the monies. Checking on pursuing the Arena Village Patrolman enforcing this for the township as well. The Fire Inspector should in closed section let the Town Board know about infractions that are serious and need timely repair. Before the Fire Inspector writes out a ticket he should meet with the Board. An Ordinance will be written for the Town. Who for sure will be enforcing Town citations? What can our Building Inspector do?

-Nelson would like to get the permit forms before the meeting so he can study them. The clerk will try and get the residents on the agenda to fill out the form (it is on the website) and email it to me ASAP before the meeting. The forms will also be updated to include a space for email addresses.

Schutte motioned to adjourn. Nelson seconded. Motion carried.


Next Meeting: August 26, 2013