August 26, 2013


PRESENT:John Wright, Dave Lucey, Cathy Acker, Bill Gauger, Ingmar Nelson, Wayne Schutte, Mark Hottmann, Cheryl Schmidt.

OTHERS:Mike Leslie, Dennis Arneson, Dave Meinholz, Mary Lockman


- The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm . Meeting Roll Call taken..


-Schmidt motioned to approve minutes from the July 29, 2013 meeting. Schott seconded, motion passed.


-Mike Leslie:re-configure 3 parcels of land.Feb meeting confirmed 3 building sites.Sweeney Road.Would like to do a shared driveway.Would like to do a CSM.When he does the CSM and presents it to the Plan Commission.Will need to re-zone A-1 to AR-1 and a driveway inspection.This committee is not capable of giving you a long-term commitment because when he finally does this he will have to follow the standards of the time.No objections at this time.


-Dennis Arneson:end of Frame Rd.5 acre lot with buildings.Laid out strange.Talked to Halverson and County to do CSM.1 acre has to be woodland.Would like options to re-configure 5 acres.Need to know if the 5 acres is a separate parcel from the 125 acres.Could square it up and still maintain his 4 building sites.Could sell land with no building site.


-Dave Meinholz:Zwettler Road.Bought 11 acres and planning on building house, checking for red flags.Is the driveway application from March 2005 still valid.March 2005 Foster paid $1000 for two driveway permits.Will need tolook at the driveway Wed Sept 4 by 4:30pm.Anding motioned to approve a building permit contingent on a driveway inspection Sept 4 at 5pm. Schutte seconded.Motion approved.Will get approval at the Town Board meeting Sept 9.The Building Permit fee is pending at this time.


-Conditional Use Permit fees from the county.According to Scott Godfrey says that anytime a property is changed by a line they are going to charge for Conditional Use. We are only going to charge for a Land Division and re-zoning and not Conditional Use.The check from Halversons for Conditional Use $250 will be returned to them.


-Scott Construction was going to talk about wedging, but didnít show up.


-Open Discussion:Bicycles in rally and competition should not be on the roads at the town level because farmers cannot farm on weekends and they are blocking driveways.Anding suggests we do something to control the problem.Bicycle Ordinance needed.


Anding motioned to adjourn.Schutte seconded.Motion carried.


Next Meeting:September 30, 2013