September 30, 2013


PRESENT:  John Wright, Dave Lucey, Cathy Acker, Bill Gauger, , Wayne Schutte, Mark Hottmann, Cheryl Schmidt, Rand Schott, Rod Anding, Ingmar Nelson came late.

OTHERS:  Mike Leslie, Mary Lockman, John Halverson, Steve Harrington, Tim Harrington


- The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm . Meeting Roll Call taken.  


- Anding motioned to approve minutes from the August 26, 2013 meeting. Schmidt seconded, motion carried.


-Mike Leslie – On Sweeney Rd. configured with the help of John Halverson 2 parcels were already zoned as AR-1, needs to zone the 4 acre finger to the west which is zoned AR-1 and re- zone to conservancy since there is no building on it.  Lot 3 would have an easement on it.  There are 3 building sites.  Each of the three lots are about 17 acres each.  Will apply for a driveway permit.  Schmidt made a motion to approve the three lots re-zone to AR-1 and the 4 acres Conservancy.  A Certified Survey Map is required.  Schutte seconded.  Motion carried. 

Schutte moves to approve the land division for the 55 acre parcel.  Anding seconded.  Motion carried. 

An appointment for the driveway viewing will be Thursday October 3rd at 5:45PM.  The re-zone ($250) and land division ($250) from Mike Leslie were paid.


-Harrington’s- re Sawle property, Sugarland Farm.  Questions on parking.  Parking up and down Linley Road, Sawle Road.  Wants to park in the oval.  Can they have a driveway in the oval for a place to park cars.  10 acres are zoned  RB-1.  The cars should not be using the roads for parking lot. There is a 200’ by 20’ parking lot already marked. What is the primary parking lot.   PC recommends that they come up with a plan for additional parking for buses and driveway information, which will probably require a driveway permit for access to the service area. 


Open Discussion: Used Car Lot Valley Motors.  The Conditional Use Permit is for 100 cars on the property.  The Board would like to check on the number of cars at the site. 


Discussion: Conditional Use Permit and Sunset clauses. 


Anding motioned to adjourn.  Nelson seconded.  Motion carried.



Next Meeting:  October 28, 2013