October 28, 2013


PRESENT:  John Wright, Dave Lucey, Cathy Acker, Bill Gauger, Wayne Schutte, Mark Hottmann, Cheryl Schmidt, Rand Schott, Rod Anding, Ingmar Nelson.

OTHERS:  Mary Lockman, Dave Meudt, Steve Sauer, Scott Martinson, David Austin, Alissa Austin,


- The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. Meeting Roll Call taken.  All present.


- Schott motioned to approve minutes from the September 30, 2013 meeting. With the change from “two quarters” to “two parcels” in the Leslie property.  Schutte seconded, motion carried.


-Sauer purchased property on CTH 14 which was Four Seasons tractor repair shop, proposing to put a 72 ft  addition on the existing building. On the east end next to the car lot.  Will put gravel on the Peterson side of property for parking.  Putting in a conventional septic system to accommodate.   Does seasonal landscaping and off premises repair, excavating, cement work, detailing, possible retail. Already zoned B3. Wants conditional use permit.  20 vehicles on property, which includes trailers, bobcats, etc.   Nelson motioned to approve a conditional use permit for landscaping, detailing, retail sales of antiques and collectibles, concrete contracting, and permitting 20 outside vehicles.  Schott seconded.  Motion carried.  Paid $250.00.


-Austin- Rescue and dog care Zoning change needed.  Ag Residential grandfathered in.  Re-zone AR1 in order to get a household occupational. With written permission from the landowner.  Anding makes a motion to rezone from AR to AR1 to David Austin.  David Austin will be giving written permission to Alissa Austin to have no more than 10 dogs at one time.  Schutte seconded.  Motion carried.  Paid $250.00. 


-Martinson – Reeve Rd., County KK wants to buy 5-6 acres of 16A along side his property.  All wooded.  No need to re-zone but needs a land division of property when sold. .  We would like the survey, then approve the land division.  Schutte moves to approve a land division in the name of Reeves Morlock contingent on the proper documentation of a certified survey.  Anding seconded.  Motion carried. 


-Discussion on driveway inspections done this month.  Sweeney, County K.


-Discussion on non-metallic sand mining action in the legislature. Wanting to shut out the towns authority to decide on non-metallic sand mining in their areas.  Appears for now to be tabled. 



Nelson motioned to adjourn.  Anding seconded.  Motion carried.




Next Meeting November 25, 2013.