Town of Arena Annual Meeting Minutes

April 8, 2014


PRESENT: Dave Lucey, John Wright, Bill Gauger, Cathy Acker,

OTHERS: Steve Harrington


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. Roll call was taken. All Town Board members present but Minnie Gauger.


Financial Report: The Annual Report was submitted for view. Harrington motioned to accept the financial report. Wright seconded. No discussion. Motion carried.

Clean Sweep will be May 3, 2014 8-noon. Tire Clean Sweep will be this fall.


Road Work/Bridge Work: Wright: Seal coat 1 mile from bottom out Roberts Road (base and gravel), Frame Road is in gravel, going to do the upper part of road, put base and gravel; Linley Rd., break up to the hill then base and gravel, and leave for year, seal coat next year. Blue Ridge from H and two miles up one seal coat. Witwer one mile, single coat. Foster Rd 6/10ths single coat. Mill Rd. tear up and leave as gravel. Total of 5.7 miles. All we can afford this year. We are looking at work if extra money, Coon Rock Hill Baker, Peterson East and Amacher. Also looking into checking some roads for possible edging and wedging areas.


Fire Board Report: Gauger: Township had 27 fire calls, village had 4 fire calls, Mutual aid had 3 for a total of 34. EMS Calls Response to Township 88, Village 58, Mutual Aid 2 Total 148. Fires 11, Accidents 17, False Alarms 2, Hazardous Calls 2, Service Call- 1, Good intent 1.


Equipment Update: There have been repairs on the equipment. The grader is good. The bucket tractor is a 2006 and needs some work.


Open Discussion: The patrolmen are very competent and keep the place clean and running efficiently.


Harrington motioned to adjourn. Gauger seconded. Motion carried.