April 28, 2014


PRESENT:Dave Lucey, John Wright, Bill Gauger, Cathy Acker, Rand Schott, Wayne Schutte, Rod Anding. Ingmar Nelson, Mark Hottman

OTHERS:Chad White, Lynn Knutson


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.Roll call was taken. All PC present except Schmidt.


Schutte moved to approve the minutes of the March 31, 2014 meeting, Schott seconded.Minutes approved.


White:The town doesnít want to maintain either the 20 ft alley or Albany Street.The neighbors would need to sign off on who owns what and permission to use the driveway to Lot 5.It is not practical at this time.What map is the official map.Need to get some clarification.Are we going to allow someone to put a private driveway on an alleyway.An easement requires 50 ft.††If he could buy that easement for a private driveway from the landowner.When he figures out who the landowner is.It is thought that this isnít even a legal lot. It would be land-locked.†† White should not buy this.


Knutson:Recreational cabin.42 acres.Owned since 1982.†† No running water.Onsite well and electricity.Cabin 200-300 feet from Blue Ridge Road.Needs a waiver for a driveway permit, because the county wonít give you a building permit without the driveway permit.Needs a recreational building permit from us.Nelson moved to approve a recreational cabinwithout an approved.Schutte seconded.Motion approved.


Pittman:Driveway inspection done by Wright and Schutte.Will need to be looked at again because there was talk of a switchback.5.11 acres.Driveway permit, land division, re-zoning, building permit.Entitled to two more building sites.108 acres with one house at this time.Approval from county.Schott motions to approve driveway permit, land division, re-zoning, and building permit.Anding seconded.Motion carried.


Lucey:Knight Hollow Road.1.575 acres.Needs to be re-zoned, land division.There is one more building site on the other 112 acres. Noted that the two existing dwellings are 85 and 115 years old.Anding motioned to approve the proposal to re-zone to AR-1 and land division as presented on the certified survey. Lucey farm retains two building sites with one being used.Schutte seconded.Motion carried.


Public Comment:1) Non-productive land; 2)Lower Wisconsin Riverway Draft Master Plan Revision is going on.They are looking for public input.Look on the DNR website.It appears that there will not be a major effect on the township at this time.††


Anding moved to adjourn .Schutte seconded.Meeting adjourned.


Next MeetingMay 26, 2014.