Town of Arena Board Minutes

August 4, 2014


PRESENT:  John Wright, Cathy Acker, Kevin Paar, Bill Gauger, Minnie Gauger, Dave Meudt.

OTHERS:   . Jacob Peterson, Gary Gilbert,


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.  Roll call was taken. Dave Lucey absent.  John Wright Acting Chairman.


-       Gauger motioned to approve the minutes of the July 7, 2014 Town Board meeting.  Wright seconded.  Minutes approved.


Warren Residents  Erdman Road.  4 stall garage with a studio above with an existing car port.  Bought house approximately 1 year ago.  The house is ruined.  Would like to build a garage with living space above.  The existing house should be torn down within 6 months.  Iowa County has an application for a proposed new residence at 6558 Erdman Rd for Adam & Karen Warren.  The proposal is to build a combination shed/residence structure now, raze the existing farm residence and then built a permanent residence in the future.  A Special Meeting of the Plan Commission Aug 6 at 7 pm in order to get them on the Iowa County Agenda. 


Peterson: Gauger moved to approve driveway, building and re-zone permit. With the understanding that if it doesn’t need to be re-zoned the money will be refunded.  Wright seconded.  Motion carried.


Neumaier, Knight Hollow Rd.:  Wright motions to approve building permit with the understanding that he will have the house gone within 6 months.  Gauger seconded.  Motion approved.



Wright motions to accept bills.  Gauger seconded.  Motion carried.


Gauger motioned to adjourn.  Wright seconded.  Motion carried.


Next meeting September 2, 2014.