Town of Arena Annual Meeting Minutes

April 21, 2015


PRESENT:Dave Lucey, John Wright, Bill Gauger, Cathy Acker, Minnie Gauger

OTHERS:Mary Lockman, Steve Harrington, Steve Moore


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.Roll call was taken. All Town Board members present.


2014 Annual Report:Discussion.Road expenditures have increased dramatically and our Transportation grants havenít gone up in at least 5 years.Discussed all expenditures and revenues.Talk about the Landfill expenses that are to continue testing forever according to DNR.Talked about our purchase of a new Peterbuilt.


Roads:gravel.breaker and seal coating.The list of projects completed in 2014. (attached).Plan is also attached.We would like to do less patch in 2015.2014 we spent $16,000 last year. Mary Lockman would like to see us do a road through to completion in one year and not just add gravel one year and seal coat the next.Possible problems with salt during the winter. Wright will talk with Scottís to see if the salt will ruin a road before it is seal coated. Discussion on wheel tax. In April the township implemented the wheel tax at $20 per vehicle registered in the township.


Fire Dept/EMS Calls:We are 50 calls in the township ahead of last years (2013).Three drivers only for EMS ambulance.No RNís.12-13 EMTís.The Fire Dept switched to a company to do billings this year. This is a large burden off Karen and the Fire Dept.


Clean Sweep is May 2nd.


The Horrible Hilly had 1123 bicyclers going through the township last year.


Helena is now considered flood plain.


Steve Harrington motioned to approve the 2014 Annual Report.Steve Moore seconded it.Motion carried.


Wright motioned to adjourn.Gauger seconded.Motion carried.