July 27, 2015


PRESENT: John Wright, Bill Gauger, Cathy Acker, Rand Schott, Wayne Schutte, Cheryl Schmidt, Mark Hottmann, Ingmar Nelson


OTHERS: Joanne Sprecher, Mary Lockman, Jacob Zeuske,. Emily Iehl, Tim Harrington


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. Roll call was taken. Lucey and Anding not in attendance. Jonie Harrington was in attendance at the last meeting but not noted in the minutes. Schutte moved to approve the minutes of the June 29th meeting. Nelson seconded. Minutes approved.


Kirch Land division. Called and cancelled for this month.


Sprecher. As of 1984 all that was owned was the 3+ acres on the south side of the road and 18 acres on the other side. There are two parcels that are contiguous. They were owned by her mother. They were given to Joanne in the 1990s so we need a better history to decide whether it has a building site. We need to know if it is a separate parcel in order to see if it is contiguous.


Farmland Preservation Plan: The Plan Commission will not be making changes at this time. But would like to review it further. We would like to get the overlay maps first.


Public Discussion: Question on number of chickens they could have on their property. It will be on a case by case basis that there are no complaints from neighbors and taking care of the chickens.


Schott would like to make a proposal to make a town park. Would like to send a letter to all the landowners (paid for by Schott). Proposing a town park. Need land for the park, we need monies to maintain, and volunteers.


Discussion about new plan commission member. Anding retiring. The Town Board will decide. A vice chair will be chosen at the next meeting.


Schutte moves to adjourn. Schott seconded. Motion carried.


Next meeting August 31, 2015.