August 31, 2015


Present: David Lucey, John Wright, Cheryl Schmidt (took minutes), Wayne Schutte, Mark Hottmann, Rand Schott and new member, Andrea Joo.  Missing, Bill Gauger, Ingmar Nelson.  Rod Anding has retired from the committee; Andrea takes his place.


Others Present:   Mary Lockman, Vince and Nancy Pope.

Minutes :   Schutte motion to approve minutes, Schott 2nd. Passed.


1.   Joanne Sprecher on agenda but not present.  Dave filled us in.  Dave and John talked with the county/Scott with Tim Harrington and Joanne Sprecher.  There is absolutely nothing either of these groups can do with Mrs. Sprecher’s matter.  Some items have been done after 1985; the farm was originally a 500+ farm and they found lots of houses/businesses have been taken off that property. 


Vince and Nancy Pope not on agenda.  Had some questions.  Just checking their options.  Purchased the Zinck farm and would like to split the house on the north side of Mellum Road off of the parcel with the farm buildings. Discussion and ideas.  Discussion on changing plan on items like this; make more tax base.


Public comment-  Mary suggested we work on the plan, that it is coming due. 

Election of vice-chair:  Cheryl nominated Rand.  Rand nominated Cheryl, Wayne 2nd.  No 2nd on Cheryl’s; vote, Cheryl is vice-chair. 

Town Park-Rand had suggested a town park and he is heading the search for donation of land and setting it up.  He gave update-he’s talked to Daleyville, they have 2 and they created another commission to oversee the park.  Talked of parks and open space; insurance.  Areas were suggested.  He hasn’t had time to do the letter yet but will be happening soon.

Plan work.   S. Godfrey at county was blowing holes in our plan when discussing the Sprecher matter.  Mentioned were some of the definitions.  Start with Definitions.  Instead of “parcel” have site.  Site consists of a single parcel or made up of contiguous parcels.  Take parcel out.  “Contiguous” means minimum of 50’ connection of two parcels.  30 acres that consists of a single parcel or made up of contiguous parcels.  H.1.3-Non _____, remove.   Percentage of ag land to be allowed to be used if we go with a smaller parcel for building site.  Making land non-ag by planting and creating wooded acreage, years to do.


Schott motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Schutte.