Town of Arena Board Minutes

November 2, 2015


PRESENT:  Dave Lucey (late), John Wright, Bill Gauger, Cathy Acker

OTHERS: Dave Meudt, Jim Whitaker, Mary Lockman, Mary Uselman


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.  Roll call was taken. All Town Board members present.


-       Gauger motioned to approve the minutes of the October 5, 2015 Town Board meeting.  Wright seconded.  Minutes approved

-       Dan Neumaier has not removed the old building on his Knight Hollow Rd.  Was told in August 2014 to remove the old building in 6 months.  Still not removed. A letter will be sent to remind him.

-       Bills:  Gauger motions to approve bills as presented.  Wright seconded.  Motion carried.


Patrolmen:  New snow plow should be done at Monroe and then moved to Peterbuilt next week for lettering etc.


-       Old (Davids) Snow plow had to be towed and thought it might be a sensor since it wouldn’t start.  Electronic fuel solenoid has to be repaired.  Knuckle on steering shaft had to be replaced.  The main seal was leaking.  Antifreeze leaking on one of the sensors and going on the electrical harnass and corroded the ends off.  Has been in the shop for over 2 weeks.  Approximately $5000.


Wright motions to approve the 2016 budget with the Levy Limit of $231,610.00 as presented.  Gauger seconded. No discussion. Motion carried.


Gauger motions to adjourn.  Wright seconded.  Motion carries. 


Next meeting December 7, 2015.