January 25, 2016


Present:  Cheryl Schmidt (took minutes), Wayne Schutte, Mark Hottmann, Rand Schott, Andrea Joo, Ingmar Nelson, David Lucey, John Wright, Bill Gauger.  Cathy Acker not present.

Others Present:   Mary Lockman, Dave Forseth, Randy Forseth, Mark Peck, Dan Viste, Nadia Alber.

Minutes :   Schott motion to approve minutes with correction to the Steve Sauer/Bertrang matter.  Sentence says “Bertrang is running under two zonings.”  Clarify that by saying “Bertrang is zoned B2 and under other conditions.”  Schutte 2nd. Passed.   Some discussion in that same matter, David said that he, John, Iowa Co., DNR and DOT met and looked over the premises and does not meet B2 standards; County told him he’s got to change or lose his conditional use(s).  Dave mentioned that all vehicles behind the fence should be scrapped.


1.   Dave Forseth in for a conditional use for an airstrip.  Asked Dave what the county told him that he can have an airstrip as long as it’s agriculturally related.  We asked about its use now:  4 planes a week; 10 seconds over his land; not over neighbor’s house; been there for eight years; doesn’t fly at night, his license doesn’t allow it; no winter flying or bad/windy weather; has a son with a plane.  Asked about the fly-ins he has.  One a year, only has had 6 planes at the most, would like more; then they may give kids rides.  Mark Peck, neighbor, was asked what he would like to see.  Not against Dave flying; would like it stated that only Dave can fly from there, not the 4 planes per week; wants the airstrip to end when Dave quits flying; wants no more of the public use.  Provided an aerial of the properties showing where airstrip is.  Committee discussed definition of ag; commercial use such as spraying; a sunset clause on the conditional use-stated the land is zoned, not the people.  Schott motion to approve the airstrip with 1 fly-in weekend a year, ag use only.  Schmidt 2nd.   Passed.

2.    Nadia Alber-conditional use.  Has McCutchin farm on Hwy. H (blue house); 8 acres; 21 sheep, 12 ducks and 25 chickens.  Does organic produce.  Realtor stated property was zoned AR-1. She can have the animals on AR if she can prove that there were animals on the property since 1978.  There was a time when the property went back to the bank-for how much time?  She only has the animals on the property for several months of the year then takes them for grazing to another farm.  She is going to do more checking with realtor; time of no animals on property.  We are going to check with county too.

3.    Viste and Sugarland-give status and some plans.  Add an apartment for the resident on property and make the little house another lodging/staging space like the house.  “Apartment” would be attached to the horse barn on property.  He was told that since it is a residence it has to be 1,000 square feet or over, along with the other requirements for residences.  Would also like to put up a storage shed of approx.. 40’ x 60’ to store tables, etc.   Provided a map of the 10 acres zoned RB-1.  He would have 5 units (3 bedrooms in the big house, 2 bedrooms in little house) for lodging.  He’d like to have it ready by June.  Committee needs to see the plans for single family.


Public Comment:  


Discussion on Comprehensive Plan, animal units


Joo motion to adjourn.  Schutte 2nd.  Passed.  Adjourned at 9:15 p.m.




Next Meeting February 29, 2016