March 28 2016


Present:  Cheryl Schmidt, Mark Hottmann, Rand Schott, Andrea Joo, Ingmar Nelson, David Lucey, John Wright, Bill Gauger, Cathy Acker, Wayne Schutte.

Others Present:   Bill Buckeridge, Evy Halverson, Vern Halverson, Mary Lockman, Tom Wutke, Connie and John Noble, John Halverson,


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.  Roll call was taken. All present.  Schutte moved to approve the minutes of the February 29, 2016 meeting.  Nelson seconded.  Minutes approved.


Buckeridge-Conditional Use.  Driveway has been straightened out with county.  Has contacted Minnie on taxes and will work with her on paying them.  Will be back for the next PC meeting.


Halverson:  Town road will be put in as soon as possible.  Baxter Road.  Easement will be changed.  Would like to start soon, but if Mega Construction builds before the road is finished.  Halverson will put money in escrow to pay for the finishing of Baxter Road.  State is requiring pullouts on both sides. Driveway permit was approved in 2008. Schutte move to approve putting approximately $30,000 in escrow for the road (350 ft) to be finished.  Nelson seconded. Motion approved pending the exact amount at the Town Board meeting.


Mega Construction/Halverson:   Purchasing land from the Halversons (lot 1) and build an office, equipment storage.  Discussion on whether a building permit will go with the site.  The Lot is 7.5 acres and a building site is allowed the lot and has no further division.  Joo moved to allow a conditional use for concrete business, shop, storage and repair and it will deed restrict the lot for no further division. Nelson seconded.  Motion carried.  Conditional Use paid $250.


Wutke: Roberts Rd., Wants to build a house, but found it a hard piece of land to build on.  They want to be onsite while they figure out where to build.  Would like to put a manufactured home on the site for a set period of time.  Driveway will need some repair to make it up to town standards.  16x80 home was what they were thinking of for approximately 5 years. The PC is not interested in giving a temporary permit on the manufactured home.  If the driveway met requirements, and the septic perked, a building permit would probably be given.  At this time they do not own the property.


Public Comment:  Halverson wants a list of landowners on River Road.  Wants to have a meeting. 


Emergency Response Plan:  Schutte says it was well-written.  A good plan.  Saw nothing that would specifically change on it.  The plan was reviewed.  Schott moves to pass on to the county without revision the copy we have.  Schutte seconded.  Motion carried.


Comprehensive Plan:  USDA uses EPA Standards.  Animal unit 1000 lbs.  The definition of the animal unit should be the same as the county.  But the county doesn’t really define animal units.

1 animal unit is equivalent to  (…)

Less than 5 acres by conditional use permit

5-9.99 acres  3 animal units

10-14.99 acres 5 animal units

15-24.99 acres 8 animal units.

25-39.99 acres  11 animal units



Schott motioned to adjourn.  Joo 2nd.  Passed.  Adjourned at 9:45p.m.




Next Meeting April 25, 2016