July 25, 2016


Present:  Cheryl Schmidt, Mark Hottmann, Rand Schott, David Lucey, John Wright, Bill Gauger, Cathy Acker, Wayne Schutte, Ingmar Nelson, Andrea Joo.

Others Present:   Mary Lockman, Bill Buckeridge, Dan Viste, Gary Karls, David Giffey


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.  Roll call was taken.  Schott moved to approve the minutes of the June 27, 2016 meeting. Schutte seconded.  Minutes approved.


Buckeridge:  paid taxes, building permit for enclosed  front porch of the existing house from the county.  Wants a driveway permit to the field.  Doesn’t need a driveway permit from us until a building is built in that field. 


Hatfield:  No show.


Greenheck – No show


Viste- Hinds plan to sell their condo and build a house on Sawle Road across from Steve Harrington’s house.  Met with Alliant about a powerline in the area they want to build.  Powerline has no easement, but they have a right to stay there.  The parcel  is 67 acres of ag land.  On the Plan Commission Meeting Notes for January 7, 2008 states ““Tim Harrington representing Bob Hinds. Hinds purchased 191.6 acres from the Sawle Farm. There are 6 building sites total. There are two houses on the property currently. He would like to convert the old barn to offices & an apartment. This would then be considered a home site. He will then be selling 114 acres with two building sites to Tim & Steve Harrington. Bob will be keeping the 6th site for a possible home in the future. Anding motioned to approve the land division of 114 acres and 2 building sites. Hottmann seconded, motion passed. They paid the land division fee of $250.00.” This is the last building site on that property per the Plan Commission.  Plan Commission says there is a building site and he will be back at the next PC Meeting.


Hamilton/Karls  -  Coon  Rock Rd. replacing house and use the existing driveway.  New well, mound system new septic, Schott moved to approve building permit, Schmidt seconded.  Motion carried.

Schutte moved to approve the driveway permit, Joo seconded.  Paid $1500. 


Giffey:  ATC update.  Final position statements for the township are made approximately one year after the application is filed.  If a town files a simple opposition opinion now based on the highly limited information the town has it limits, rather than adds to the town’s powers.  It could effectively void the town’s interest.  The town has filed the resolutions and that is the good thing.  It is important to stay on top of this issue.  He showed us a map that highlights where the proposed corridor would go in the township of Arena.  Things to do now:  1) Create a sensitivity list to attach to the Town Board resolution already sent to the Public Service Commission (PSC).  The list will include areas affected by the construction of a high-voltage transmission line to include the local economy, agriculture, environment, landscape, forestlands, historical sites, etc.  Encourage individuals to suggest important sensitive items for the list.  2)  Participate as local government in visits to state legislators, Town Board, Plan Commission, and individual citizens also can send letters to state legislators. (Contact information below).  The letters should request that the legislators will make the PSC aware of interest from legislators regarding the ATC proposal. Giffey also showed a sample letter to send to the state legislators.  Giffey would help the board put the letter together if need be.


Public Comment:  Wright went through the Comprehensive Plan Book and got rid of the parts he thought were not needed.  Now Andrea Joo will go through it next.   



Schott motioned to adjourn.  Schutte 2nd.  Passed.  Adjourned at 8:55 p.m.



Next Meeting August 29, 2016