Town of Arena Board Minutes

October 3, 2016


PRESENT:  Dave Lucey, John Wright, Bill Gauger, Cathy Acker, Minnie Gauger,

OTHERS: David Meudt, Mary Lockman, Cheryl Schmidt, Ingmar Nelson


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.  Roll call was taken. All Town Board members present. Verification of the proper public notice placement.


-       Gauger motioned to approve the minutes of the September 5, 2016 Town Board meeting.  Lucey seconded.  Minutes approved.


Hinds/Viste:  Hinds/Viste-Building permit/driveway.  Sawle Road.  More detail on the site plan.  John Halverson did a survey.  Showing a map of the footprint of the house.  32x64 ft.  Gauger motions to approve the building permit.  Wright seconded.  Motion carried.  Wright motions to approve the driveway permit. Gauger seconded.  Motion carried.  Paid $1500.


Hinds/Viste:   Sugarland  Needs an occupancy permit for the residence on RB-1 property.  Needs to meet the codes of the residence (1000 sq ft).  Nelson opposed to giving them permits.  We are setting a precedent by doing so.  Lucey motions to approve the project with a building/driveway permit.  Written copy from building inspector that it meets code.  This will be the house of residence on that site. The staging houses are just that and we will not recognize them as residences.  Wright seconded.  Gauger opposed.  Motion carried. Paid $1500. 


Patrolman: Culvert on Coon Rock Rd.  Will be done by the patrolman and Board. Members.  Mowing is done. Will rent side boom for 40 hours.  Spraying weeds.  Meudt and Gauger worried about spraying near organic farms and possible reactions from some of the residents.  Possibly just spray around road signs and bridges.   Will talk about it again in the spring. 


Gauger:  Dog licenses report.  84 licenses/ we get paid .25 cents.  We make $21.  Program costs $150/per year. Gauger moved to stop collecting dog licenses until it becomes a more equitable split and the rest of the law is enforced.  But Lucey would like to talk with the county first. 


Closed Session:  Wright motioned to go in to a closed session, Gauger seconded.  Session closed. 


Building Inspector.  Discussion about selecting a new building inspector. 


Lucey motioned to open the session.  Wright seconded.  Session open.


Bills:  Wright motioned to approve the bills.  Gauger seconded.  Motion carried


Gauger motioned to adjourn. Wright seconded.  Adjourned at 9pm. 


Next meeting November  7, 2016.