Town of Arena Board Minutes

December 5, 2016


PRESENT: Dave Lucey, John Wright, Bill Gauger, Cathy Acker, Minnie Gauger

OTHERS: David Meudt, Mary Lockman, Rick Gander, Dave Austin, Ingmar Nelson


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. Roll call was taken. All Town Board members present.


Verification of the proper public notice placement.

-       Gauger motioned to approve the minutes of the November 7, 2016 Town Board meeting. Wright seconded. Minutes approved.


Maier driveway permit. Inspected by Lucey, Wright, Schutte. Would like him to pay for a sign as a blind driveway.


Halverson zoned AR-1 re-zone to Ag Conservancy. Wright motioned to approve the change from AR-1 to conservancy at 15.1 acres with easement noted for utility and a land division. Gauger seconded. Paid $500. Wright motioned to approve. Gauger seconded. Motion carried.


Gander: Gauger motioned to approve a conditional use for indoor storage rental, service of motorcycle off-road vehicles, new and used cycles, retail sales, indoor swap meet, screen printing, and signage, maximum 25 units displayed for sale out front during business hours. Wright seconded. Motion approved. Paid $250.


Littell-Bugtussel: Gauger motions to approve the temporary access for the driveway on Bomkamp property on Zwettler Rd. A permanent service driveway will go off the existing driveway after construction. The temporary driveway will be removed. Fee $500. Wright seconded. Motion carried.


Austin: Complaints about dogs barking on the property. The renter said that she is trying to make it better. A conditional use will be needed for animals because it is under 5 acres.


Patrolmen: Need tires on truck. Get some new plow blades.


Dekeyser: tabled until spring.


Addendum to Town of Arena Resolution 1815-01. Gauger moved to sign. Wright seconded. Addendum passed and signed.


Public Comment: Talk of Fire Board Salaries. Change the January 2nd meeting to January 9.


Bills: Wright motions to approve the bills as presented. Gauger seconded. Motion carried


Gauger motions to adjourn. Wright seconded. Motion carried.


Adjourned at 9:15 pm.


Next Meeting
January 9, 2017