Town of Arena Annual Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2017


PRESENT:Dave Lucey, John Wright, Cathy Acker, Minnie Gauger, Bill Gauger

OTHERS:Steve Harrington, Mary Lockman


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.Roll call was taken. All board members present.


Financial Report:Annual Report 2016 line items discussed. (copy attached).



Road Work: Wright talked about last years expenses (copy attached).Also Bids for this years roads from Scott.Decision hasnít been made on which roads as yet.Salt shed is not in compliance.Decision need to be made.



Fire Board Report:Gauger:35 fire calls.EMS calls 96 calls.15 current members on the Fire Board.2 in training.New fire Chief is Shawn Thompson.12 EMS, 2 drivers.EMS sponsored blood drive, take back drug day, clean up day.$66, 432 collected in 2016.Monies to help purchase new ambulance or fire trucks.Need EMTís badly.


Clean Sweep May 6, 2017 8 am Ė noon.Tire Clean Sweep first Sat in October.


Equipment Update:Bought new tractor Jan 2017.


Harrington motions for acceptance of Annual Report, Lockman seconds the motion.Motion approved.


Wright motioned to adjourn.Gauger seconded.Motion carried.


Meetingadjourned at 8:15pm.