May 29, 2017



Present:  Cheryl Schmidt, Mark Hottmann, Rand Schott, Andrea Joo, David Lucey, John Wright, Bill Gauger, Cathy Acker, Wayne Schutte.

Others Present: Mary Lockman, Vern and Evy Halverson, Jim Hatfield, Terry Askevold, Don and Justin Jochem, Diane Halverson,  Ed Weaver, John Joo, Ron Retallict, Dean and Kim Carlson, Joe and Sue Kremer,


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.  Roll call was taken. Nelson absent.  Schmidt moved to approve the minutes of the April 24, 2017 meeting. Joo seconded. Minutes approved.


Askevold:  Developing an ATV/UTV Route.  Presented a map of a small route in Arena.  Gauger asked about rules on riding on the routes.  Club puts signage on the roads.  Must follow DOT rules and have DNR registration.  Club is responsible for paying and maintenance of the signs. County decides how many signs are needed.  Speed limits decided by township.  Need an ordinance.  In the ordinance “all roads as signed”.  Joo motions to continue looking into opening up the township roads as routes, with an ordinance contingent that we agree on what will be used for routes. Schmidt seconded it.  Motion approved 2 to 1. 


Halverson:  preliminary proposal for 6192 Blue Ridge Road, 103 acres, existing driveway.  Want to divide it into three parcels.  5 with the house as AR1. Rest as AG.  Driveway on H.  Improving the driveway, and moving it.  Will get driveway permit for the other two parcels. 


Weaver:  Land division County K and Pinnacle Rd.  102 acres.  Sold 15 acres earlier.  Does he still have 3 building sites.  Splitting a 35 acre along Pinnacle Rd where it connects with K.  50-60 above. Discussion on receiving a letter from the buyer of the 15 acres (Kluesner) and there was no building site with the land. 


Don Jochem: 6870 Coon Rock Road.  62 acres.  Wants to split off 7 acres and sell to his son.  Joo motions for a land division and a re-zone from AG to AR-1.  There is an available building site with the 7 acres based on the CSM.  Schmidt seconded.  Motion carried.  Paid $500


Jim Hatfield:  Land Division had 110 acres sold 66 to neighbor.  Wants to put a smaller home on the 5 acres.  Sell the rest with the home.  Needs to have a building site.  Will get a letter from the owner of the 66 acres that Hatfield retained the building site.  Will be on the next PC meeting.


Carlson: 76 acres on Sweeney Road.  Wants to build a home.  Three parcels.  Wants to build on the northernmost parcel.  One building site. Needs building and driveway permit.  Schott moves to grant the building and driveway permit for their property address on Hwy 14.  No additional building sites available.  Schmidt seconded.  Motion carried.  Paid $1500


Campbell – No show.


No Public Comments.


Halverson – density changes makes some of his land unable to sell. Will bring us info at the next PC Meeting. Would like us to change the land density.   Township has many sites that are non-conforming.  We need an inventory of those parcels.  And clean them up first.


Joo motioned to adjourn.  Schutte seconded.  Motion carried. 

Adjourned at 9:15pm.

Next meeting June 26, 2017.