Town of Arena Board Minutes

August 7, 2017


PRESENT: Dave Lucey, John Wright, Cathy Acker, Minnie Gauger, Bill Gauger

OTHERS: David Meudt, Jim Whitaker. Vern & Evy Halverson, Mary Lockman, James Wenzler, Shawn Thompson,


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. Roll call was taken. All Present.


-       Wright motioned to approve the minutes of the July 10, 2017 Town Board meeting. Gauger seconded. Minutes approved.


Dilley: Building permit 6854 Willison Rd. Wright moves to approve building permit for manufactured home with basement. Gauger seconded. Motion approved. Paid $1000.

Salt Shed: Motion from the Board on renting new Salt Shed on Hwy 14. Gauger motions to deny a partnership with the county on their salt shed. Wright seconded. Motion carried.


Wenzler: Met with Arena Village Board and seemed Hayward Crossing, Village Edge and roads behind BP station to the Crappie Shop. Will be moved over to the ordinance writing committee for the Village. Ordinance should be written by September. Wants the Town to send him mock ordinances and they will write an ordinance for us to begin our ordinance process. Police Chief came to the conclusion that there should not be a problem with enforcement. Reedsburg, County, State ordinances will be sent to him. On the agenda for Plan Commission meeting in August.


Halverson: Baxter Rd. Have been trying to get the Baxter Road pulloff lane on both sides. Curb and gutters need to be moved back near CJs and Bobs BBQ.


Patrolmen: Discussion on cutting trees from storm damage. Painting the Salt Shed. Mowing Mellum Road.


Public Comments: No comments.


Wright motioned to approve the bills. Gauger seconded. Motion carried.


Closed Session: Gauger motioned to go into closed session; Wright seconded. Motion carried.

Wright motioned to go out of closed session. Gauger seconded. Motion carried.


Wright motioned to adjourn. Gauger seconded. Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.


Next meeting: Sept 12, 2017