December 18, 2017


Present:Cheryl Schmidt, Andrea Joo, John Wright, Bill Gauger, Cathy Acker, Wayne Schutte, Rand Schott, Dave Lucey, Mark Hottmann


Others Present: Mary Lockman, John Halverson, Vern & Evy Halverson,


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm.Roll call was taken. Nelson not present. Schott moved to approve the minutes of the November 27, 2017 meeting.†† Schutte seconded.Minutes approved.


Non-conforming parcels. Lucey requests someideaon what we are going to do next. Schott felt themeeting with Scott Godfrey was very productive. We need to change our density before we can talk about the non-conforming parcels. Schutte felt that we have a number of small non-conforming parcels that are costing the owners money because they have parcels that they can do nothing with and paying taxes on them.He sees no downside on changing the density.Will people be able to divide parcels later. Legal Non-conforming parcels created before 1978 already have a building site.Could have a public meeting about changing the density and then specifically address the non-conforming lots as they come in and want a review on them. If non-conforming zoned anything other than AR-1 we canít give building sites.


The whole idea behind this possible change was to create more building sites.Possibly grandfather all non-conforming parcels that as of a certain date they will be allowed a building site.


Density?: 5 acresSchutte, Lucey;10 acres Schott ;†† 10-20 Joo;†† 20 Wright;5-20Gauger; 5-10 Hottmann; 10-20Schmidt.


We need to update our Comprehensive Plan.Change our density. Lucey is going to ask Scott Godfrey if we change our density at a public meeting and then be able to clean up our non-conforming parcels by grandfathering them in.Can we get the info (ie data) used to make the non-conforming map, or are we going to have to try and identify each parcel from the map?


Joo motions to adjourn.Schutte seconded.Motion carried.Adjourned.



Next Meeting January 29, 2018 at 6pm