January 29, 2018


Present:  Cheryl Schmidt, Mark Hottmann, Rand Schott, Andrea Joo, Ingmar Nelson, David Lucey, John Wright, Bill Gauger, Cathy Acker, Wayne Schutte.

Others Present:  Lisa Kopic, Shannon Leitzke, John Halverson, Mary Lockman, Nathan Miexelsperger.


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm.  Roll call was taken. All present.  Joo moved to approve the minutes of the December 18, 2017 meeting.   Schmidt seconded.  Minutes approved.


Miexelsperger:   7123 Helena Road, existing house and barn would like to put a caretakers quarters in the barn, to be used during winter months.  It is 42 acres, new owners, and county considers it a farm.  Debate on whether if somewhere down the line they sell the place and then the new owners could use it as a rental.  At this time it doesn’t fit our plan.  Miexelsperger will meet with the Board and Scott to continue the discussion and get some info on how to go.  This will be tabled until Plan Commission Meeting February 26th.. 


Leitzke:  Second horse Conditional use.  Already has one horse with a conditional use and wants to up it to 2 horses on one acre. The second horse is already on the property. The first conditional use was broken by adding the second horse before talking with the commission.  Schutte makes a motion to deny the second horse conditional use.  Schmidt seconds it.  The conditional use was not approved.  The second horse must be removed from the premises by the end of January. 


Halverson:  River Road updated survey of lands.  Lots were sold and lot lines were messed up.  Still needs to talk to a landowner that owns a lot of the easement property along the road.  The town will need to make the final decision on the lot lines.  The road is an issue and needs to be deeded separately and the location of the road is still an issue.  The road is owned by one landowner. 


Public Comments:  Schutte was at the Driftless Area Land meeting.  The group wants to put a hiking trail to connect Gov Dodge, Blue Mound and Tower Hill park.  Trail 4 feet wide like the Ice Age Trail.  Should be about 50 miles long when they are finished.  Are looking for easements and donations. 


Joo motioned to adjourn.    Schutte second.  Motion carried.  Adjourned.


Next meeting:  February 26, 2018 6 pm.