Town of Arena Board Minutes

April 2, 2018


PRESENT:  Dave Lucey, John Wright, Bill Gauger, Cathy Acker, Minnie Gauger,

OTHERS: Jim Whitaker, David Meudt,  Andrea and Jon Joo, Kari Legler, Ingmar Nelson, Chris Kirkpatrick, Peter Gates.


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.  Roll call was taken. All Town Board members present.


-       Wright motioned to approve the minutes of the March 5, 2018  Town Board meeting.  Gauger seconded.  Minutes approved.

Pohlman/  Pohlman:    Not yet available for town meeting.


Kirkpatrick/Swenson:   Prairie Enthusiasts would like to purchase the property.  Around 17 acres proposed.  Conservation re-zone to C-1.  Wright motions to approve a land division and re-zone to C1.  Gauger seconds.  Motion  carried.  pd  $500.   Lucey would like to get an agreement on paying the property taxes in an amount of $110 for a period of 10 years.  Kirkpatrick said he doesn’t own the property but when owned there should be no problem with an agreement of payment in lieu of taxes.  Will let us know when the land is purchased.


Clements:  Unable to get driveway approval until the next meeting. 


Legler – Would like to do a monthly clean up of  Knight Hollow Road.  We will be checking into the insurance liabilities, but otherwise would provide her cones and she is welcome to do it.


Wright motioned to renew Joo and Schott to the Plan Commission 3 years. Gauger seconded it.  Motion carried. 


Fire Board number of members.  Discussion.  Wright thinks we should try to talk to the Village.  Lucey wants an agreement.  Wright wants three from the town and two from the village.  Village says Fire and EMS are separate.  Joo wants people on the board that are concerned with saving money and not spending foolishly.  Gauger wants to leave it as is.  Lucey wants to table this until we talk with the Village and the Town together. Wright feels we should do the whole Board.  Lucey will contact the Village Chairman and schedule a meeting soon. 


ATC Opposition Resolution 2018-002R Passage. Wright motions to approve and Lucey seconded.  Motion carried. 


Road Bids:  Most of our gravel budget will be taken up on Fitts.  We need gravel on Richardson.  We need to update the turnaround on Richardson.  Parts of Knight Hollow should be sealed.  Linley, Baker, Loy are just a single seal coat. Bottom of Roberts is in need of seal.  Two areas on Roelke Road. Wright wants to do a road trip and check out the roads and which ones are in need, sometime next week. 


Patrolmen:  Tires are on the front of the grader.  Quantity of salt.  We have used 80 ton of salt so far this season.  Commit to 100 tons.  David wants to take in the truck and have it all gone through before winter.  Will also need new tires by winter. 


Town Board Minutes

April 2, 1018  Continued


Annual Meeting scheduled for Wednesday April 18 at 6pm.


Wright motions to approve the bills, Gauger second. Motion carried.


Wright motioned to adjourn, Gauger second.  Meeting adjourned.

Adjourned 8:15


Next Meeting May 7, 2018 at 7pm.