Town of Arena Annual Meeting Minutes

April 18, 2018


PRESENT:Dave Lucey, John Wright,

OTHERS: Mary Lockman, Steve Harrington, Ingmar Nelson, Shawn Thompson


The meeting was called to order at 6:00 pm.Roll call was taken .Cathy Acker, Minnie Gauger, Bill Gauger were absent.


Financial Report:The 2017 Annual Report was discussed by Lucey.The balance on hand on January 1, 2017 was $626,700.33.During 2017 the Town received $2,135,445.11. The balance on hand on December 31, 2017 was $451,127.85.The total expenses were $2,311,017.85.As of December 31,2017 a combined loan of the Peterbuilt Plow Truck and a 2017 Holland Tractor was $309,848.76. Harrington motioned to approve the financial report, Lockman seconded. Motion carried.


Road Work:Wright reported on the roads. In 2017 the Town Pre-coated Stone on River Road 2360 feet ($8245.00); Fortier Road 4065 ft ($13,560.00); Witwer Road 4670 feet ($13,340.00); Amacher Hollow Road 2869 feet West End ($8164.00); Baker Road 5760 feet Double Seal ($24,258.00); Blue Ridge Road220 feet West End Intersection ($1,100.00); Blue Ridge Rd 2365 feet ($7485.00); Knutson Road 4610 feet Double Seal ($13,889.00); Peterson Road 3015 feet ($8645.00); Sawle Road 6300 Feet Double Seal ($16,646.00).


Budgeted $115,000.00Used $13,000 Wheel Tax for a total f $128,000.00.


Gravel and Breaker for Fitts Rd., Dodge Rd., and Baker Rd.Budgeted $25,000 but spent $30,316.00.


Fire Board Report: Lucey reported that the Arena Fire Dept responded to 55 fire and accident calls.Calls included accidents, grass fires, structure and rescue/alarms.Structure fires are being billed out to home owners at the rate of $1500.00 plus foam supplies.†† Accidents are billed at the rate of $500.00. Thompson answered questions from the Board and public.Good discussion.


Arena EMS responded to 154 ambulance calls. Mutual aid was provided by other communities to Arena 7 times.ALS skills of Middleton EMS was used 3 times and Medflight was utilized 3 times.There are 10 EMTís with advanced skills training.And an additional 2 members who serve as drivers only.7 additional members have cojmpleted training as an EMR and will be taking their National Registry test soon.The Dept is in serious need of additional members.


Equipment Update:A new Ambulance will be delivered in September 2018.The total cost will be $240,000.The Town will be paying 3/4 that amount.