Town of Arena Board Minutes

April 1, 2019


PRESENT:  John Wright, Cathy Acker, David Lucey, Minnie Gauger, Bill Gauger

OTHERS:  Heffron,  David Meudt, Jim Whitaker, Ingmar Nelson


Posted: Town Hall; Arena Post Office; Arena Peoples Bank;; Town of Arena on Facebook; Arena BP; Grandma Mary’s


Gauger motioned to approve the agenda. Seconded.  Agenda approved.


Wright motioned to approve the minutes of the March 4, 2019 Town Board meeting. 

Gauger seconded.  Minutes approved.  Ingmar Nelson was not listed as attending the meeting.  It has now been added.


Hefron/Hartung: Building permit.  6206 Ray Hollow Rd. Tearing down house and dispose of it.  Building new one over 2800 sq. feet.  Footprint for the driveway is the same. No need for a new permit. Gauger motions to approve building permit.  Wright seconded.  Motion carried. pd $1000 


River Road payments for new plat survey.  John Halverson will be sending bills for each of the owners.  The landowners have 2 years to pay their portion and if not paid will be included in their taxes.  When the landowner pays, our treasurer will pay John Halverson. 


Wright motioned that Mark Hottmann, Cheryl Schmidt, and Ingmar Nelson renew their Plan Commission Supervisor status.  Gauger seconded.  Motion carried.


Public Comments:  Conversation about a certain amount of land on the end of the road for turn arounds of plow trucks. 


Will the township donate $200 for buckets of balls for the softball fields.  Put Scott Gauger on the Town Board Agenda to discuss. 


Lucey will not be available for the Annual Meeting it was changed to on April 9th at 7 pm. 


Patrolmen:  Need to cement a new culvert at Popes. Salt commitment due.  200 ton. Meeting Scott Construction will tour with the patrolmen on the roads needing repair this season.


Gauger motions to accept Bindls Bid. ¾ Base,Breaker, Dirty Chips at 8.55 T.  Wright seconded.  Motion carried. 


Wright motions to approve bills.  Gauger seconded.  Motion carried. 


Wright moves to adjourn.  Gauger seconded.  Motion carried


Next Meeting May 6.