Town of Arena Board Minutes

May 6, 2019


PRESENT:  John Wright, Cathy Acker, David Lucey, Minnie Gauger,

OTHERS:  John Halverson, Heffron,  David Meudt, Jim Whitaker, Ingmar Nelson, Brownlee, Jon and Andrea Joo,   Gruber, Hanson, Mortorano,


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Gauger absent from meeting. 


Wright motioned to approve the agenda. Lucey Seconded.  Agenda approved.


Wright motioned to approve the minutes of the April 1, 2019 Town Board meeting and April 9, 2019 Annual Meeting.  Lucey seconded.  Minutes approved. 

Gruber:  re-zone end of Loy Rd.  12 acres.   Will need to come back to the PC meeting in May.  Will ask for building, driveway, at this time. 


Brownlee:  6736 US HWY 14.  Storage units on parcel with existing shop.  One 80x100 buildings  Gated.  Moving driveway Lot 2 needs to re-zone to B2.  Lucey motions to approve re-zone of Lot 2 parcel 5.2 acres from A1 to B2 and CUP on 4 storage buildings and CUP of 18 outside units. A current building on the site that contains a residence stays as a residence. Wright seconded. Motion carried. pd  $500


Orth:  Helena Road.  East of Lake Louie Brewery.  53 acres with 2 building sites. Halverson did survey.  2 lots Covenants  single family residential containing minimum 2 acres of land.  Survey on 5 acres.  Survey on the 53 acres.  Rest stays as A-1  Wright: motion to approve land division and  re-zone 5 acres to AR1.  Lucey seconds.  Motion carried. pd $500 One building site for the 5 acres and 1 for the 47 acres.

Hanson/Sayers:  7417 Roberts Rd.  Driveway and Building permit.  10 acres. Re-zoned AR-1 in 2002. Wright moves to approve building 1800 square ft. and driveway permit for parcel on Roberts Rd.,  Lucey seconded.  Motion carried.  pd$1500


Martorano – Conditional Use 6901 High Pt Rd., Bed and Breakfast.  55 acres now owned by Rasmussen.  Recreational/Residential/Rental so no re-zoning required.  Grow mushrooms, 6-10 pigs, agriforestry,  chickens,   Bird House Inn.  4 rooms, insured, licensed by state. Supervision because they are living there the year round.   Does have a shared driveway  Wright moves to approve the CUP  for Bed and Breakfast with a maximum of 4 bedrooms contingent that the driveway will be widened up to 16 feet for multiple users.   Lucey seconded.  Motion carried.  Pd $250


Halverson:  Re-zone and land division for Howick Farm on Hwy 14 to AR-1.  Approximately 30 acres.  Wright motions to re-zone and land division on approximately 28-30 acres from A-1 to AR-1.  Contingent upon CSM.  Lucey seconded.  Motion carried.  pd $500.  Originally 285 acres.  9 building sites.  205 acres Halverson 7 building sites..  Hartungs have 2 bldg sites.  All 7 building sites are still available for Halversons.   No opposition to the 7 building sites on the Plan Commission.


Halverson:  River Rd.  All owners have signed the plat and the boundry agreement. Recorded on May 3rd at the county.  There is  a new 66 ft easement.  Town Chairman and Clerk are signing this tonight.  Halverson will be billing the owners. 


Gauger:  Donation for River Valley Little League. Will donate $200.   Lucey motions to donate $200 to River Valley Little League.  Wright seconded.  Motion carried.


Patrolman:  Scott Bids.  Discussion.  Crack seal end of Loy by bridge and Blynn.  Frame Rd. Culverts: 


Clean Sweep:  86 loads.  One extra load $25.  39 appliances.  Township took in $530.  4.43 tons of metal.  Paid $2700 to Town and Country. Made about $600.


Wright motions to approve bills.  Lucey seconded.  Motion carried. 


Wright moves to adjourn.  Lucey seconded.  Motion carried


Next Meeting June 3.