Town of Arena Board Minutes

June 3, 2019


PRESENT:John Wright, Cathy Acker, David Lucey, Minnie Gauger, Bill Gauger

OTHERS: Jim Whitaker, John Halverson, Bill Buckeridge, Cheryl Schmidt, .Ingmar Nelson.


Posted: Town Hall; Arena Post Office; Arena Peoples Bank;; Town of Arena on Facebook; Arena BP; Grandma Maryís


Gauger motioned to approve the agenda. Wright Seconded.Agenda approved.


Wright motioned to approve the minutes of the May 6, 2019 Town Board meeting.seconded.Minutes approved.


Halverson:Gruber representative.Eliminate East 4th lot and re-zone back to Agricultural. Still need to talk to County.Will be at the next PC meeting.Also talked about a turnaround on their property,


Buckeridge:CUP Farm house as tourist cottage on Lot 1. All zoned B2.†† Tourist cottage CUP.Wright moves to grant a CUP to use the existing farm house as a tourist cottage. With a restriction of no more than 30 days at a time.Will return on the next PC meeting.


Wright motions to send Bobís BBQa copy of our ordinance and that the liquor license will not be renewed until they are in compliance with the ordinance. Gauger seconded.Motion carried.


Gauger moves to approved the list below with the exception of Bobís BBQ.Wright seconded.Motion approved.


License Renewals

Herbs and Spices:Class BBeer; Class C Wine

Traders:Class B Retail License

Traders Landing:Class B Beer; Class C Wine

Hecks:Class A Retail

Spring Valley Inn: Class B Retail

Pappas: Class B Beer

Bobís BBQ:Class B Retail

Sugarland, Quota 300


Cigarette Licenses

Hecks Farm Market


Traders Landing


Operator Licenses:

Randall Smith

Cole Rasmussen

Brenner Rasmussen

Nicholous Backus

Heidi Wolf

Bob McQuade

Kate McQuade

Robert Amble

Katrina Crow

Terry Askevold

Rosa Askevold

Joseph Jensen

Krystal Askevold

Cheyenne Lockwood

Montana Lockwood

Dalton Schauf

Abby Schultz

Gary Heck

Fireworks:Traders Terry Askevold



Wright has motioned to raise the Visa Credit Card limit to $1500 to cover expenses.Gauger seconded.Motion carried.


Lucey- fencing issues with neighbor.Board will send a letter to Dale Ziebart the neighbor that David Lucey is requesting a fence due to the cows that are loose on his property. The Board will be doing a fence viewing at the cost of $1000.00 if this issue isnít settled.


Public Comments:


Patrolmen:†† Scott Construction is grading and paving roads this week.Trading favors with the Town of Mazomanie. Help them for a few hours and then we could use their roller for a few hours in the town. Chip sealed: Blynn Patch, Loy Rd part, Frame Rd (K-base of hill). Roberts Rd, Erdman Rd., Baker Rd., Mill Rd., Anding Rd.:Asphalt Overlay:Baker Rd. 300 ft., Blynn Rd 125 ft;Morrill Rd., Sawle Rd.,††

Future projects:Shoulder gravel and dirt on spots where water runs across shoulder.David can start mowing.


Gauger motions to approve bills.Wright seconded.Motion carried.


Wright moves to adjourn.Gauger seconded.Motion carried


Next Meeting July 1