Town of Arena Board Minutes

September 9, 2019

PRESENT:  John Wright, Cathy Acker, David Lucey, Minnie Gauger, Bill Gauger

OTHERS:  Jim Whitaker, Ingmar Nelson, Rick Peterson, Dan Krunnsfusz, David Giffey, Deb White

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All present: Properly posted

Gauger motioned to approve the agenda. Wright Seconded.  Agenda approved.

Wright motioned to approve the minutes of the August 5, 2019 Town Board Gauger seconded.  Minutes approved. 

Krunnfusz/Bleser Building, Driveway 5455 Knobbs.  The ag road will not be used for driveway.   Putting in an 18 inch culvert per township regulations.  2100 sq feet main level.  Two car garage.  Gauger moves to approve the driveway and building permit for 5455 Knobbs Rd.  Wright seconds. No further discussion.  Motion carried.  Pd $1500. 

Draxler: Building, Driveway  5611 Blue Ridge Rd.,  Driveway already previously approved.  2400 sq foot main level 4 bedroom ranch.  Gauger moves to approve 5611 Blue Ridge Rd.  driveway and building permit.  Wright seconds.  No further discussion.  Motion carried.  Pd $1500.

Howe, Building permit 6975 Baker Rd.  Replace home.  Configuration of the house is different, but the house is going into the same footprint.  18.49 acres.  Wright motions to approve building permit for 6975 Baker Rd., Gaugert seconded. pd $1000

Peterson:  Wants 3 horses added to the CUP.  Needs to talk with the County Planning again at this months meeting.  Approved for 100 goats (AR1) if you are getting horses and goats must be Ag business Board met with County. Must meet with county on Sept 26th.   Peterson can take out the berm in front of his house. 

Giffey:  Dealing with Public Service.  Representative for Town of Arena.  Hydraulic Frac information.  Hydraulic Frac  Current parcel ownership and non-metallic parcel regisyrastions run their course, the impact of frac sand mining from a land-use perspective could potentially increase by 1,900%.  This development would alter large chunks of West Central Wisconsin’s working landscape, dairy industry, and “Badger State” mentality forever.

Deb White: Contact board about flooding.  High Point and Coon Rock Rd.  The water is covering a majority of the area in her yard.  “Has the Board come to the solution on what should be done.  Getting runoff of Coon Rock and High Point.  Jim Whitaker went to look at it today.  The ditch could be improved, but the ditch is not lower than the property.  Will probably need to bring in fill.  Improving ditch will not work.  The water is flowing steady through the culverts. They are not clogged.  Might need a 2 foot culvert up the road from White’s.   Would like a culvert on the Forseth side towards Coon Rock.

Patrolmen:  Morrill Rd. repairs.  Paved shoulder that extends down low enough, according to Craig Hardy Iowa County.  Discussions continue on how to go forward.  Fixed culvert on Zwettler Rd.  Rental of boom for tree trimming and brush.  Did 50 hours last year.  Do not want to go over $5000 for this year.  Tire Recycle at Gaugers. 

Gauger motions to approve bills with the correction on Pomps double pay..  Wright seconded.  Motion carried. 

Wright moves to adjourn.  Gauger seconded.  Motion carried

Next Meeting November 4, 2019.