October 28, 2019

Present:  Cheryl Schmidt, Andrea Joo, Rand Schott, David Lucey, John Wright, Bill Gauger, Kari Legler, Ingmar Nelson, Mark Hottmann, Wayne Schutte.

Others Present:   Henry Fasking

The meeting was called to order at 7 pm.  Roll call was taken. 

Posted: Town Hall; Arena Post Office; Arena Peoples Bank; Town of Arena on Facebook; Grandma Mary’s

Schmidt motioned to approve the agenda.    Schott seconded. Motion approve

Schutte moved to approve the minutes of the August, 2019 meeting (no meeting was held in September.)  Schmidt seconded.  Motion approved.

Henry Fasking –This is a zoning, not  building as the agenda had- 7010 Coon Rock Road: purchased in March, put up Cleary building.  Scott Godfrey looked at zoning.  Has to be zoned with today’s coordinates in order for permit to be approved.  No windows, on concrete pad.  Has to be AR1 zoned.  36’X40’ building.  Motion – Nelson rezone 20.3 acres from A1 to AR1.  Schmidt second.  Motion approved

Rand Schott – Zoning - 6465 Coon Rock Road – purchase of 5 acres.  Motion – From A1 to AR1 zoning.  Rezone pending on final sale of purchase of property and land division.  Schutte motioned to approved, Nelson second.  Motion approved.  Schott abstained himself from the vote but was involved in the discussion

David and Kim Sears – not present

Public Comments:

Hottman – moving meeting to 6pm due to daylight saving until March

Schutte – discussion regarding shooting sound at Vortex.  Spoke to owner regarding building a 3 sided enclosure to baffle the noise

Discussion regarding Arena officers having authority until Iowa County officers arrive which would save on time until Iowa County to arrive.  Too much time spent trying to get that permission.  No cost for this service. 

Discussion regarding EMT staffing

Schott moves to adjourn.   Schutte seconded.  Motion carried.