December 30, 2019

Present:  Cheryl Schmidt, Andrea Joo, Rand Schott, David Lucey, John Wright, Bill Gauger, Kari Legler, , Mark Hottmann, Wayne Schutte.

Absent: Ingmar Nelson

Others Present:   Bob Benson, Mark Srozinsky, Terry Ruchti, Bryant & Kari Fisher Kevin Meister

The meeting was called to order at 6 pm.  Roll call was taken. 

Posted: Town Hall; Arena Post Office; Arena Peoples Bank; Town of Arena on Facebook; Grandma Mary’s;

Schott motioned to approve the agenda.    Schmidt seconded. Motion approve

Schmidt moved to approve the minutes of the October 28, 2019 meeting (no meeting was held in November.)  Schott seconded.  Motion approved.

River Valley School Forest Hwy 14 discussion – Mark Strozinsky (head of buildings and grounds for River Valley school committee.) Presenting possible sale of the school forest already zoned at A1.  Discussion on what would be the best use for the 121 acres.      

Bryant & Kari Fisher – Knutson Rd Driveway Permit – Terry Ruchti (relator present on their behalf).  Driveway is acceptable as is so no need for a permit.

Kevin Meister – Purchase of 7609 Knutson Rd – Discussion if purchase goes through he could get a building permit in the spring.  Submit building and driveway permit then.

Public Comments: Discussion on land division and payments.  Statutes will be reviewed and discussed

Sugarland is selling - discussion on future plans for future buyers

Bob Benson – Rezone inquiry – Highway 14/Old CJ’s building

Schott moves to adjourn.   Joo seconded.  Motion carried.