June 1, 2020

Present:  Cheryl Schmidt, Andrea Joo, Rand Schott, David Lucey, Bill Gauger, Mark Hottmann, Wayne Schutte, Ingmar Nelson, Glee Brechler

Absent: John Wright

Others Present: Jeremy Whitish, Shanaya Hebgen

The meeting was called to order at 6 pm.  Roll call was taken. 

Posted: Town Hall; Arena Post Office; Crappie Shop; Town of Arena on Facebook; Grandma Mary’s;

Schmidt motioned to approve the agenda.   Joo seconded. Motion carried

Joo motion to approve the meeting minutes of May  4,2020. Schmidt seconded.  Motion carried. 

Jackie and Sandy Peterson, Knight Hollow Rd, Arena, WI – Discussion of rezoning, driveway placement and building site.

Jeremy Whitish and Shanaya Hebgen, 34.03 Acres, Knight Hollow Rd, Arena, WI – Rezoning see above Jackie and Sandy Peterson information

Standard Operating Procedures Updates

Public Comments

Joo moves to adjourn.   Ingmar seconded.  Motion carried.